Adding Color to your Home

Is it too early to say I’m ready for fall? I could live in a constant 75 degrees, and it’s been sweltering here in Virginia. Like sweating just walking to the car…THAT hot. I think I just like change, which is why I look forward to new seasons. I also try to do small updates in my home whenever there’s a change of season. Here are a few quick ideas if your decor is lacking color and you’re up for a little update as well.

1. Accents, accents, accents. Jazz up a neutral space with colorful accents such as vases, paintings, or other colorful decorative accents. It’s an quick update and they’re easy to change out if you want to put together a new color scheme.

2. Fabrics. Add colorful fabrics to your room with pillows, curtains or blankets. Here are some of my favorites.


3. Let nature do the work. Bring in greenery or fresh flowers to add an easy punch of color to your space.

4. Area Rugs. Define a space and add color at the same time. Area rugs are easy to switch out if they get dirty, outdated or you want to change your scheme. Here are a few of go to rug sources. Also, read about layering area rugs here.

5. Mirror mirror on the wall. You’ve heard of mirrors making rooms look larger, but they also reflect OTHER colors in the room which gives the illusion of even more color!

6. Shelving. Have a regular old bookcase? Paint or wallpaper the back of the bookcase to add interest!


7. Show off your dishes. Bring your colorful dishes out to display through glass cabinets or shelving.

8.  Determine your color scheme in advance. Decide which colors you’d like to bring into the space. Pick out paint swatches, flooring, fabrics, and furniture prior to purchasing. Combine pictures and samples together to see how it will look before bringing it into the space.

9.  Wallpaper.  The old school wallpaper has a bad reputation but the newer kinds allow for a much easier removal, so it’s not a forever commitment. It’s a great way to bring in patterns and interest to a room.

10. Tile accents. Add tile accents to wainscoting or shower in the bathroom or update a back splash with colorful mosaics.



11. Paint. We all know it’s a simple way to add color to your room. Why not try some of these neat ideas. Also, here are a few tips on choosing paint colors.

12. Metal Accents. When shopping for new furniture, look for furniture with metal accents which add interest without adding a new color to your scheme.


Fabrics I Love

Fabric shopping is one of my favorite things to do and thankfully, the girls enjoy it too. All the bright colors have them looking around bright eyed and keeps them entertained for at least a little while. Most of my shopping, however, is done online now and days, and a favorite source of mine is You really can’t beat the price on some of their home decor fabric and can often get free shipping. I recently ordered a couple pieces for my home (updates coming soon!), but here are a few that I saw and loved while (online) window shopping.


Nate Berkus Santa Maria Jacquard Prussian

This one has so much detail but it’s not super busy. It adds just the right amount of pattern and can be easily mixed with so many other prints.


Baskets for Storage + Texture

Baskets are a mom’s best friend. They hide stuff, they store stuff, and look cute while doing it. I have baskets all over my home, and believe it or not, some of them are EMPTY. Yes, I have family of 4 in a <800 sq foot house with empty storage. Most of the time they end up with this or that in there, but I love decorating with baskets just to add texture to a room.





With clean lines and plush fabrics dominating most rooms, woven textures add just the right amount of “roughness” to keep things interesting. You can also achieve this with natural area rugs like jute or sisal or with woven blinds like I did in the girls’ nursery.





You can find great baskets anywhere, but my favorite sources are Homegoods, Target, World Market, Pier 1 and even craft stores like Hobby Lobby and AC Moore. I love that they’re neutral and go with any decor. They don’t have to all match, in fact I think it looks better when they don’t. Use various sizes and shapes as well!