Mixing Wood Tones

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Mixing different wood tones is sometimes hard to do, but I’ve come across it many times when helping clients pick out new hardwood flooring for their home or wood furniture to go with their existing hardwood flooring. There isn’t a magic formula, but as with everything when it comes to decorating…balance is key.

When adding new wood into a space with existing wood furniture or flooring, it’s best to try not to match exactly. Wood is so unique that even if you’re matching one oak bench with oak flooring, it’s never going to look exactly the same. It also looks really strange if there is no contrast. Either go with a darker stain on the same wood, go with a completely different wood, or different stain, different wood. You get the picture…mix it up!

Here are a few examples of rooms with well balanced wood tones.








More tips on mixing wood

  • Break things up with an area rug. If you have a wood dining table on hardwood floors, add a contrasting area rug to break up all of the wood.
  • Add other elements to the room. Metals, glass, fabrics….anything that would contrast with the wood will keep the room from looking too much like a forest.
  • Balance painted wood and natural wood. Too much of each can seem too matchy.
  • Be strategic when placing wood items in a room. For example, if you have a wood mirror that looks similar to a wood coffee table, try to put them on different sides of the room or separate them as much as possible.
  • With dark woods, especially, add in light colors throughout the room. An all dark room can feel very heavy without a lighter contrast.

Modern Accent Chairs

I’m currently working on a client’s home that has a traditional feel but we want to bring in modern and rustic touches. I love mixing styles, and adding an accent chair with clean modern lines is a really fun way to mix up traditional and rustic pieces. A colorful accent chair can also give a splash of color without going too overboard. Here are a few that I love; most come in many fabric options:


Everett Armchair


Class Lounge Chair


Modern Chair

download (2)

Murphy Chair


Remark Arm Chair


James Nickel & Leather Chair


Parlour Chair


Caribbean Blue Quincy Chair


Avec Chair

Kid Friendly Coffee Tables

I like the idea of a show stopper coffee table, but it’s not practical for a house with kids, especially young ones. Now that I have babies of my own, kid friendly furniture is a priority. We haven’t baby proofed our house yet, but it’s in the back of my mind knowing that the twins will be mobile in the blink of an eye! If you’re on the hunt for a kid friendly coffee table, here are some ideas.


Alaterre Oval Coffee Table | Target


Cala Hammered Coffee Table | World Market


Caden Leather Square Ottoman | Pottery Barn


Cliff Coffee Table | Crate & Barrel


Riau Round Coffee Table | Overstock


Tilton Fenwick Cocktail Ottoman | Target

T_WithoutZoom (1)

Bornova Coffee Table | Ballard Designs