Layering Area Rugs

A couple weeks ago I talked about area rugs on top of carpet and why I love this idea so much. Another look that I love is layering area rugs. This is a great decorating trick because you can create a completely custom look by mixing patterns, textures and sizes.



Sometimes a patterned or colorful rug is a perfect addition to a room, but a big patterned rug can be too overwhelming for the space. Layering allows you to still get the addition of pattern and color, but on a smaller scale so that it doesn’t dominate the room.

Rather than putting down a rug that is too small and that looks like it’s going to float away with your coffee table, layer it over a more neutral rug that is larger, usually less expensive, and fits the space.

Or layer a neutral rug over a patterned rug to tone it down.
You can also add different lines to the room by playing with shaped rugs.

The layers don’t have to be centered; you can connect areas or expand the space by the placement of rugs. I’m all about using what you have, so if your rug is too small for the space, layer it with another rug.

And who says the rug has to be straight? Try placing it diagonally to naturally draw your eye to the space and create a truly unique look.

I think layering area rugs is such a simple way to completely transform a space, and it’s low commitment. If you don’t like it, it’s so easy to change it up. There are a few rugs in my own home that I’m thinking of playing around with. What do you think of this trend? Have you layered area rugs in your home?


Area Rugs on Carpet

I personally love area rugs on top of wall to wall carpet. I know it sounds a little funny, there’s already carpet installed, why cover it with MORE carpet? Area rugs define the space, and with many homes being built with an open concept layout, space definition is a must. Area rugs allow the furniture to feel grounded, instead of floating in the space. They’re also a great way to add subtle pattern or texture to a room that is lacking.

Putting area rugs on carpet may seem like just a decorative addition, but it’s also very practical, especially for families. Think about it, the area that gets the most use in the room is right around the furniture. Placing an area rug in that space (on top of a rug pad) adds added protection to the carpet. It’s much easier to clean a rug than remove a stain from wall to wall carpeting.

Here are a few examples…

Below the soft white area rug adds texture to a very neutral room keeping it interesting without adding additional colors.

soft colors apartment (5)


Here a patterned blue rug adds a pop of color to otherwise neutral decor in the space. It also pulls together all of the furniture pieces in the room.



The below rug adds texture as well as circular lines to the room breaking up straight lines of the furniture and frames.



Here the rug adds pattern, defines the dining space, and most likely acts as a crumb catcher in this eating area-protecting the carpet below.



Now try to imagine all of these spaces without the area rug. They’d probably be pretty bare, huh?

What are your thoughts on area rugs on top of wall to wall carpet?

PS If you’re in the market for a new area rug, I recently shared on my Facebook Page a link to a round up of great rug resources by Centsational Girl.  Here’s the link!