Decorating Dilemma: Something is Off

I’ve been addressing common problems we face while decorating in my series Decorating Dilemmas: Choosing Paint Colors, The Long + Narrow Room , and Where to Start. Today I’m talking about that terrible feeling when you’re decorating and get completely stuck. Something is off but you can’t quite put your finger on the problem. Believe me, I’ve been […]

Decorating Dilemma: Choosing Paint Colors

If a decorator/designer/painter tells you choosing paint colors is super easy, I don’t think they’re telling the truth. There are ways to make it easier, but choosing one color out of the thousands that are out there is just plain difficult, and everyone struggles with it at one time or another. There are tons of […]

Decorating Dilemma: The Long + Narrow Room

Good Wednesday everyone! Those of you in the south, I hope you’re staying warm and safe. We got about 4 inches in Richmond. I’m thankful for my warm weather gear I invested in while living in Boston. Who knew they’d get so much use in Virginia! OK back to decorating… In addition to Friday Faves, […]