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We do not have a dining room in our house, (if we did it would look something like this) but we still have to eat. Since the girls were born, most nights you can find C and I on the couch having dinner after the girls are in bed. Until recently. Spring forward has adjusted our schedule a little so the girls have been up a little later than usual, so we’ve been making a point to all have dinner together.

PicTapGo-Image (1)

Growing up, we always ate dinner together, and I think it’s super important. Reading this further motivates me to sit down as a family for at least one meal a day. It’s not easy, it takes a lot of planning and the girls are not happy about me leaving them for even one second lately, so preparing dinner while they’re awake makes things challenging. But it’s worth it for us all to be together at the end of the day, even if it only lasts 10 minutes.

This brings me back to our kitchen set up. Since we don’t have a dedicated dining space, we’ve had to create one in our kitchen. We thankfully have the space, just not a lot of it, so we’ve had to get creative. I’m in love with the idea of bench seating in our kitchen, and have been long before kiddos. It makes use of a small space so much more than a bunch of chairs. Here are a few ideas I’m thinking of.











We currently have our kitchen set up to fit us all at the table. I sent my husband clear across town for a bench that works as a stand in for now, but I have my eyes set on built ins like some of these photos. Also, the extra storage that we’d have has me really excited! Now if we could just find some time to build them…

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  1. I love the last one with the white/ocean mist – looking colors; gives you the flexibility to sit freely and together!

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