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Ya’ll, I realize it’s been a while since I’ve been on this thing. I think I still know how to publish a blog post…. We’ll find out won’t we? Life has been so busy! Both good and bad. We’ll start with the bad because I like to leave ya’ll on a positive note (hint: there are two adorable girls included in that note 😉).

2016 came and Kelley got sick. We’ve heard this story before haven’t we? Yes, yes we have, the story was called 2015. A few days after the New Year I started coughing horribly and had a high fever for days. Come to find out I had the flu (and we all got flu shots) and pneumonia. Great. Also, did I mention I have two tiny humans I have to take care of? Mom came down multiple times to help out and C was able to work from home, but then they both got sick, AND the girls got sick. So not only was I still not feeling well, everyone else was sick and trying to take care of sick twins. PLEASE tell me this is not the norm for wintertime with kids, please!!


Good news, everyone got better…but 5 rounds of antibiotics later, I’m still sick. I’ve had 2 separate bouts of pneumonia, so just when I thought I was getting better…it started all over again. I’ve been seeing a specialist and was put on a long dose of antibiotics to hopefully knock this for good.

So that’s my sob story, sorry but it’s literally consumed us lately. Life still has to go on when you’re a mom, and sick; you still have to show up for the job…like the Nyquil commercial. It’s been rough.

Meanwhile, the girls have been growing like weeds. Seriously. I blinked and they are full on toddlers. They each have such a personality and it’s been a blast to watch. I’ve totally become that mom that just sits around and talks about her kids because they’re doing something new and funny every day.



With toddlerhood also comes strong wills, attitudes, and the lovely tantrums I’ve heard so much about. I never thought I’d have to start discipline so early, but we absolutely had to. They totally know how to push our buttons and they do it. All. Day.

One of the top questions I get from EVERYONE is if they are walking yet. Almost…they walk holding on to things all the time but only take a few steps on their own. Other big updates, I’ve been weaning the girls as my doctor seems to think my immune system is weakened because of breastfeeding, hence being sick all year. I’m now only nursing them sometimes in the morning when they wake up, which seems to be the hardest feeding for them to drop. They also no longer have a dairy allergy, so they’ve been drinking whole milk and would eat cheese all day long if I let them.

For the most part, we do everything together (I’ve yet to separate them), but their personalities are so different from each other now and it’s so fun to watch. Here are a couple individual updates:


Our shy, independent one, she will straight up stare down a stranger or anything she’s unsure of. But once she warms up, she’ll entertain herself forever and act like she owns the place. She’s also such a mommas girl, her favorite spot is laying on my left shoulder, sucking her fingers, while gently playing with my hair with the other hand. It’s the sweetest. Her smile and giggle is to die for. I can’t even explain it. It’s like the most genuine thing you’ve ever experienced when this girl is happy. Faith LOVES books, in fact, every time she picks up a book she says “read?” and looks at me as if she’s asking me to read. Other words she says often, momma….all day, dada, uh oh, book, buh bye. If we’re in the car or getting ready to go somewhere she just says buh bye over and over, often the entire way home. Her favorite toy is whatever June is playing with.



This girl is a ham. If she does something and we laugh, she stores it away for next time. It’s like she has a bag of tricks she pulls out whenever she wants to get us to laugh. We call it the June show because everywhere she goes she commands attention. This girl gets out of the car and just starts waving like a beauty queen non stop…to no one, just in case someone didn’t get the memo that she’s arrived. It’s hysterical. She loves to dance, even when no music is playing. She has tons of energy until she doesn’t and then she just crashes. She’ll sit in my lap watching everything as if she’s still a part of the action, both hands behind her head playing with her hair, paci in her mouth…until she’s ready to go again. Her favorite word is “uh oh”, often it’s “uh oh, dada”. She usually says “uh oh” not as in whoops June made a mistake or June dropped something, but usually as in she’s about to do something she’s not supposed to. At least she gives me warning… Other words June says: momma, dada, book, sister. She’ll also try to repeat things I say and gets pretty close most of the time!


We’ve been outside non stop since it’s been nice out and it’s made for some really fun days. Both girls love getting dirty and to be honest, I really don’t care, as long as they’re having fun. I will say, I’m looking forward to when they can walk so they’re crawling less outside. We’ve ruined several pairs of pants this way! But hey…let them be little!


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  1. It can’t be easy being ill and having 2 toddlers to take care of! I have only 1 and I feel the days when we are both ill are the worst, so I can’t even imagine how tough it must be with twins. Hope the worst of the illness is behind you’ll now. Take care and enjoy those precious little angels! 🙂

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