Twin Q + A

As you can imagine, we get stopped everywhere we go with the girls, numerous times. Lots of people are curious about twins and have question after question… or they just want to stare at them, and so they ask questions so it doesn’t seem as weird that they’re just staring at our babies. I thought I’d compile the most common questions we’re asked, and my answers. If you read this blog regularly, you probably already know the answers to most of them but just for fun…

IMG_4688Are they twins? Yes….I’m asked this all. day. long. When Charlie and I are together with the girls I like to say “no, one is his and one is mine” and watch their faces while they try to figure it out. Mean. I know.

Are they boys, girls, or a boy and a girl? Girls. The most common guess is a boy and a girl. I want to know which one they think is the boy?

Are they identical? Yes.

Do twins run in your family? No, they don’t. Identical twins don’t usually run in families, that’s fraternal twins. I learned this soon after we found out we were expecting twins because I thought they had to run in your family. Wrong.

How do you tell them apart? They have days when they look really identical but 99% of the time they look so incredibly different to us. Faith has always been a little bigger than June, only by a few ounces, but in the beginning it was a big difference. From behind I can easily tell who is who because Faith’s hair is fuller. June pulls and twists hers so her hair is coming in a little patchy. Most people can tell them apart because June takes a paci, and Faith sucks her fingers. Faith likes to pull a fast one on us by sucking on a paci every once in a while.IMG_4780Do you ever mix them up? I have but not the way you may think. It’s happened on occasion when I’ll pick up June for instance because she needs a new diaper and then when I lay her down I realize that it’s actually Faith, but she is the one who needs a diaper so it doesn’t really matter. I’ve tried dressing them differently to help me out but I can never remember who was wearing what with so many outfit changes per day. It’s actually easier when they’re dressed the same because their differences are more obvious to me.

Did you use fertility treatments? One of the top questions I receive from strangers. We did not, but I don’t know why so many random people ask…as if that’s normal grocery store conversation?? Another way the same question is asked is, “were you surprised?” Yes. Very much so.

Will you have more kids? I wish I knew the answer to this question because I receive it so often. It’s really like asking someone who is in the middle of running a marathon if they’ll run another one. Some days the answer is yes and some days no, we go back and forth all the time.IMG_4767Who is older? Faith, by a minute. And she already acts like it.

What are their personalities like? June is a giggly, social butterfly and can be very sensitive and dramatic. Faith is more reserved and pretty laid back but also likes to push her limits more. They are known to swap personalities though…

Is it hard having twins? Yes.

How do you do it? I have an a m a z i n g husband.

Do they sleep at the same time? That is the goal and most of the time they do.

Do they share a room and did they sleep in the same crib? They share a room but not a crib. I know many twin parents who have their twins share a crib when they’re little, but we didn’t notice a difference in their sleeping whether they were together or separate so we figured it would be one last battle we’d have to fight down the road.IMG_3749Can you tell the difference between their cries? Yes, but it wasn’t always that way. Their cry matches their personality a little more now. June has a higher pitch cry, Faith’s is a little more throaty. Hard to describe, but they probably sound the same to everyone else.

Were they born premature? I was thankfully able to carry them to 38 weeks. Read more about their birth here.

What other questions would you add to this list?

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog! Thank you for sharing your new life together with your girls. Take good care.

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