TV Dilemma

Almost everyone has a TV in their home and decorating around it is usually a challenge. I’m past the point of decorating around it and have just embraced the fact that we watch TV and it will be in our home. Period. But here’s my issue….

image1 (2)

Never mind the abundance of toys and books, that’s just the current state of our house. We have kids therefore we have toys. My issue is safety. You may remember I did a quick makeover of this cheap Ikea media stand to make it taller and that’s worked great. But my kids are also getting taller. I’m constantly pulling my girls off the stand and have been since they first learned to pull up on it. Little Miss June has recently found the buttons and cords and it’s now her new favorite way to get my attention. She reaches for it and smiles at me, she knows what she’s doing. The TV is anchored to the stand, but I’ve got to do something before they’re tall enough to knock the whole thing over.

As you can see, we don’t have much room for a taller or bigger stand, nor do we have many options for room arrangements if we put the TV in another location. I’m just stuck and open for suggestions!

 Any ideas???

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  1. Kelley, I so enjoy reading your posts about the girls and decorating! Glad the girls are doing so well and working toward walking. But I see your dilemma. Have you considered mounting the tv on the wall, high enough that it’s out of reach of the girls (at least for now :-))? You’d need to get some kind of cord cover to keep them from tugging on the cords. Or, you could get an electrician in to make you an outlet high on the wall so the cords could be tucked behind the tv.
    But, I know you like to be able to change up the design, so wall-mounting kind of limits your options.
    Good luck! I know you’ll come up with a creative solution!
    Love, Heidi

  2. Anchor the stand to the wall:

    Put an eye bolt in the TV stand, and another eye bolt in the wall. Run a cable or strong strap between the two. Paint everything black so it won’t be such an eyesore. This has held up to my extremely rambunctious boy. 🙂

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