Seasonal Decor that Lasts Past Christmas

I absolutely love decorating for the holidays, but I’m sure like everyone else, I get so sad having to take everything down come January. The house just seems so bare. The solution to this problem is decorating with items that are wintery, not necessarily Christmasy. Think more cold weather + cozy + natural vs. green + red + tinsel everything. The other advantage of decorating for the season is that you can start decorating before Thanksgiving and not feel bad about it. 😉 Here are a few ideas from around our house…


I always have a wreath on my front door; it just looks naked without one. This one is wintery with evergreens like most Christmas wreaths, but neutral enough to stay up all winter long. I’ll also add that it’s fake…the key to lasting past Christmas. I’ve tried fresh wreaths and greenery and it just doesn’t last more than a week on the front of our house because of the afternoon sun.



A bag of (also fake…please don’t judge) acorns, pine cones and leaves lasts all season.


This sign was a score at the $1 spot at Target this fall, and I think it will stay up all year round because it couldn’t be more true.

And to prove to you I’m not a total grinch and actually do have Christmas decor in my home…


Our baby/toddler proof tree that they thankfully have zero interest in (as I’m typing this they’re eyeing it…)


A handmade wreath found its home over my kitchen window.


A small nativity on our bookshelf.


Two more stockings found their home across the hall this year. Now you know I’m not kidding when I say the girls’ nursery is a few steps away!

Merry Christmas!




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