Last Christmas. This Christmas.

Y’all, so much has changed in just a year. About this time last year, I was in “bed rest central” trying to keep my hands busy, so my mind would slow down and stop thinking and worrying about all the things to come. Did I mention I’m a bit impatient? Our sweet girls came into the world December 22nd and proved to be the absolute best Christmas gift we have ever received. We also spent Christmas in the hospital, coming home December 26th with our girls. Needless to say, last holiday season was a world wind consisting of endless visitors, zero sleep, millions of feedings, all day snuggles, photo shoots left and right, and prepared meals galore (thank you friends and family!!).



This will be the girls’ first Christmas at home, and an amazing opportunity to create traditions for our family. I’m vowing to slow down and take it all in, trying to not pressure myself to make it a perfect holiday for us and do everything; but just enjoy each other and remember the real meaning of Christmas. The thought of being able to share the Christmas story with our girls gets me so excited. Having them in our lives really makes us reflect more on whats important. Even though they don’t understand it now, we want to teach our girls that Christmas is about our Savior coming into the world first and foremost. They’re a reminder that it’s not all about the shopping, the decorations, the parties and presents (though I do love all of those things). 


We’ve had quite a year…understatement of the century. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that we can’t take on too much or we’ll reach breaking point. We will certainly be celebrating the girls’ first birthday, but a huge Pinterest worthy party isn’t happening. We will create new family traditions for Christmas, but we won’t do every activity there is to do.

It’s amazing how much can change so quickly; so that’s my promise to myself, my family, and to God…to be present this Christmas and really celebrate everything He has given us.

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