If We Had a Dining Room

In our home, we don’t have a dining room. We do have an eat in kitchen, which is perfect for us now considering most of my meals are eaten standing in the kitchen… while feeding the girls, prepping a meal, playing peek-a-boo, and doing dishes (motherhood has brought out the multitasker in me). 

Though a dining room isn’t practical for our lives now, I do dream of setting a pretty Thanksgiving table this time of year and find myself admiring dining rooms, thinking of what ours would look like IF we had one. It would have….

Neutral colors.

To let the food stand out…I’m a big fan of colorful food.



a fun chalkboard on the wall.

To write quotes, menus, or let the kids decorate for the occasion.



mix matched chairs.

I love variety and the non uniform look.



plaid somewhere + old treasures displayed.

Plaid is classic and reminds me of comfort. Collectibles give you all kinds of things to talk about and stories to share.



A fireplace.

A dream…I’d never want to leave the room. And so I’d just keep eating. Maybe not the best idea…

Dining 5


the ability to serve multiple purposes.

This one is an office when not used as a dining room. Genius.



Lots of wood tones.

My husband is drooling right now dreaming of these walls anywhere in our home. Again with the fireplace…



What would your dream dining room look like?

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