Furniture for Kitchen Island

I like the idea of a piece of furniture as a free-standing kitchen island. It’s a little unexpected and less builder basic. Plus I’m generally not afraid of commitment, but I tend to like non-committal things when it comes to decorating.







I’ve been admiring this look for a long time but for some reason it never hit me to try it in our own kitchen… with a counter height table that we already own, that happens to currently live in our kitchen. Why did I never think of this?

IMG_4023 (1)

Before we rearranged things making room for high chairs, we had the table along the long wall where we installed shelves. Then we crammed it under the window where it really didn’t serve much purpose other than storing things under it. We certainly couldn’t sit or eat at it.


And then Charlie took the girls out last weekend for their weekly doughnut date and I started moving things around (as I usually do when I have 20 minutes to myself). It took a minute for my husband to warm up to the idea (as it usually does) but we needed the counter space, bad, and this was a free solution.


We also find ourselves hanging out in the kitchen more now that there’s a centerpiece, and a place to pull up a stool and sit down. It kinda makes our house feel bigger because there’s this whole other room that we can spend time in, not just cook and clean in.

In case you’re wondering, no it is not lost on me that this entire blog post is about me moving a piece of furniture a couple of feet. But really, this is life changing y’all…

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