Our Bedding Update

We haven’t had many updates around our house lately only because we can’t seem to find time to do much of anything that isn’t required. We have a list a mile long of things that we want to get done, but important things like changing the oil or fixing a leaky faucet sadly take priority. Those projects aren’t nearly as fun, but they do cost money and time, two things that largely go to our two baby girls. But Charlie and I both would much rather be making memories with our girls than spending the little time we have working on the house, that’s just how we see it.

The updates we are able to pull off, are super simple, and I take joy in that. I’ve been wanting to devote some attention to our bedroom decor for some time now and finally got around to it. I mentioned before that I wanted to change out some of the bedding, and settled on a fabric different from what I talked about here.


I went with a classic blue ticking stripe. I love that it’s a little bit of pattern but not overpowering since I already have a few patterns in the room. My mom graciously sewed the pillow covers for me. I’d be lost without my mom (and her sewing machine).



The color is denim blue which goes well with our area rug that was handed down from Charlie’s family.


In other news…I desperately need a pedicure…

A simple update, but one that really pulls the room together. Other projects in this room that I want to work on are some pictures of our sweet girls on the walls. Also, 2 adults, 1 teeeeeeeeny closet, and one dresser. We’re in desperate need of a good organizing streak.

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