Twin Life Lately- 10 Months

We are creeping closer and closer to one year and it both terrifies and excites me. I’m terrified because time is going so quickly and my itty bitty 5 1/2 lb babies will soon no longer be babies. When I go to Babies R Us and see all the pregnant ladies trying to figure out what in the world to register for and all the new moms with their newborns covered up in a stroller picking up all those things you never thought you’d need until baby is actually here. And here I am, strolling through the toddler isles knowing exactly what I need and came for and exactly where it’s located, bypassing all the baby items they no longer need. (*tears*)


At the same time I’m excited because life just gets better and sweeter the more they grow and develop. Their personalities are shining more than ever, and I just laugh every day watching them explore and discover new things. I’m also looking at 1 year as a milestone for Charlie and I to high five each other and say “we did it, we survived a year with twins” because survival has been our motto this past year.



No doctor visits this month, our next well visit is at 12 months. We are going in this week for a quick visit for the second part of their flu shot.

We’ve thankfully been pretty healthy. The girls have definitely experienced their share of colds here and there, but nothing more than a stuffy/runny nose. I feel like that’s pretty typical this time of year. It does affect their sleep (of course) so it’s always a disruption for us but doesn’t really affect their moods too much during the day.

We also have our first tooth! Faith popped her first bottom tooth last week. Still no sign of any for June.


These girls are such talkers, it’s hysterical. I could go on and on telling funny stories of them “talking” but the best part is that they now talk to each other. I’ll be in the other room and hear them just babbling away to each other and laughing as if something they said in their little twin language was just hilarious. Or in the car, singing together, or in Target babbling back and forth making an adorable scene. Like I said, I could go on and on…


They’re both crawling and picking up speed. Momma is having a hard time keeping up with them and it’s only just begun. They follow each other around, all day. If one is playing with one toy, the other has to crawl over and see what it’s all about. The toy stealing/fighting has been put on hold. For now they just swap it back and forth and SHARE and laugh! Like I said, for now, because I know this is probably short lived (but I pray I’m wrong). They’re also pulling up on their knees and can stand up if they hold on to something. Just when I think I have everything out of their reach, I blink and they change!


They love animals, so trips to see any animal is always a good outing, as long as they don’t get too close. We don’t have pets at home so they aren’t really used to dogs coming to get a friendly sniff. Water, fountains, aquariums are also a huge hit with the girls. I’m loving this fall weather we’ve been having lately and trying to soak it all in before winter hits us and we’re stuck indoors. We took them to the Childrens Museum in Richmond and they loved it. I think we’ll be frequenting it much more often in our near future, especially as they become more mobile and our house becomes smaller and smaller!


Playdates are always on our calendar, usually 2-3 a week. It’s not only good for them to play with other babies and toys, it’s been key to my sanity. I’ve met a great group of other twin moms and it’s been so much fun getting all our kids together. It’s loud, and crowded, but a beautiful chaos. I also don’t feel like a complete mess trying to chase after two babies because everyone else is doing the same thing!


Other than this past week, sleep has been going pretty well. We were all sleeping through the night, and then Faith popped a tooth. We were up WAY more often during the night, just comforting her, and then she’d wake baby sister up so by the time we’d get everyone back to sleep, poor Faith is up again in pain and we’d start the cycle all over! We are slowly getting back to normal, waking only once or twice the past couple of nights. IMG_3749

The girls go down around 7 pm and sleep until 7/7:30 am. They’re still taking 2 naps and probably will for a while. Usually they go down around 9/9:30 am and 1/1:30 pm for about an hour to hour and a half each. Their naps are moving a little later in the day so I’m not as strict on time anymore. I am strict on them actually napping though. We’ve tried short little on the go naps replacing actual crib naps and they don’t work well. They’re just overtired and don’t sleep well when they do sleep. So we try to be home for their naps whenever we can. We also tried a couple of late nights with them, and while we know it’s not the best for them, they can hang if they have to on special occasions. The key has been a cat nap in the car on the way to where we are going. They take a couple of days to get back on track afterward but every once in a while it’s OK.


The girls are great eaters, trying new foods and spices and not complaining too much.  They really don’t really care for pureed foods, but we manage to feed them their oatmeal in the morning. We’ve also started giving them the pouches of pureed food when we’re out and they like those. I think because they’re able to hold it and do it themselves (with help), they’re OK with it. They eat 3 meals a day and an occasional snack if we are out and they’re hungry.


Favorites include fruit of any kind, especially bananas, avocado, squash (butternut + acorn) and peanut butter. Yes, we’ve tried peanut butter, with peds approval, and no sign of allergies! They’re also good with eggs, so it’s just milk we’re keeping away from, until a year old, if we get the green light from the pediatrician. We haven’t tried seafood yet, just because we don’t eat a ton of it at home, but when we do, we’ll be sure to do it during office hours like other allergenic foods.

I’m also still breastfeeding them 5-6 times a day, which is a lot for their age. I’ve tried cutting back some and the girls aren’t having it. They either fuss and follow me around or will wake up hungry in the middle of the night. I’m not going to push it though as we don’t have a specific reason to start weaning other than convenience. I have to be home to nurse them, unless I have someone else to occupy the other while I feed one at a time, but even then they don’t eat well unless I feed them at the same time. But part of me feels like we’ve worked so hard at breastfeeding and we just got the hang of this yesterday; starting to take it away from them seems wrong. I’m just going to go with the flow and not push toward any change until they’re a year and we’ll reassess.

Other Updates

As I mentioned, their personalities are shining big time these days. June is a little more social, usually offering a smile to strangers. Faith is very skeptical and will stare down anyone for a while and if she doesn’t recognize them, she looks at me and cries. For this reason I try to keep stranger peeks at the grocery store, etc. limited. When one cries, the other starts, and if I can avoid that, I do whenever possible.


They’ve been doing great at the gym nursery, really playing and having a good time. It’s been amazing for me to have a little time to myself during the day to work out and them play with other kiddos.

Faith, being the older sister (by a minute), really acts like the older sister. She’s also become the instigator which is hilarious and scary all at the same time. On more than one occasion I’ve caught June getting into something she shouldn’t and Faith is right next to her looking at me sweetly and laughing as if she had nothing (but everything) to do with it. It has started folks!


Though these girls definitely love on me day and night, there’s no denying they’re major daddy’s girls. They follow him to the door every morning and watch him leave, and light up and crawl all over him the minute he walks in the door. It’s the sweetest thing ever.



The other day we were looking through some of their pictures from when they were weeks old, and Charlie said to me that he loves the girls more now than he ever has. Not to say we didn’t love them a ton when they were brand new, we just never knew how much love can grow over such a short period of time. Life just gets sweeter with these two twincesses in it!



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