Day in the Life with 9 Month Old Twins

The last time I did a post like this, the babies slept a lot. I mean a l o t.  Looking back, I didn’t realize how good I had it and it just reminds me to enjoy each stage, every bit of it, because they pass so quickly! The girls are 9 months old, and now that summer and vacations are over, we’re back on a routine. If I’ve learned anything over the past 9 months, babies love routines. Here’s a glimpse of our day to day:

6:30 am- I hear Faith saying “mama, mama” and realize it’s a little cold so I hit the heat and we all go back to sleep. It’s that time of year when we don’t know whether to put the heat or ac on or nothing!

7:15 am- Both girls are awake and talking/playing in their cribs. Charlie flips on their light and says good morning while I get a cup of coffee and try to wake up.

7:30 am-Charlie changes their diapers and I nurse them together in the nursery. I used to nurse them on our bed until they started crawling and would try to escape, so now I feed them on the floor in their room. Not the most comfortable set up but they’re quicker eaters now.

7:45 am- After they nurse, the girls play in their nursery with Charlie while I eat breakfast and drink some coffee. Charlie brings them to the kitchen and into their highchairs and I prepare their breakfast. I put dishes away, clean the kitchen, etc while Charlie feeds them oatmeal and they feed themselves fruit and Cheerios.


8:20 am- Done with breakfast, we clean them off and take them to the nursery to dress them. Charlie has a late appointment this morning so he helps out. LOVE those mornings! I throw in a load of laundry and clean up from breakfast and we play on the floor in the living room.


8:50 am- Charlie leaves for work and the girls are looking tired. I usually try to stretch them closer to 9:30 for naptime but they’re both rubbing their eyes so we head to the nursery. I change their diapers, read a couple of stories, sing a song and put them down in their cribs. They play around in their cribs for a few minutes until they fall asleep.

During their nap I pick up the house, throw in another load of laundry, pack the diaper bag and get myself ready.

9:40 am- I sit down to do a little work, look in the monitor and they’re up. This is why I usually work after they go to bed at night. Shorter than desired nap but oh well! I flip on their light and finish a few things in the office while they play a little in their cribs.


9:55 am- I put Faith in Junes crib and I fold clothes/put them away in their room, then I nurse them together. Faith has a dirty diaper so I change her and hold off on June because I know she’s probably next. These girls are identical in every way!


10:15 am- They play on the floor while I do another load of laundry and get their lunch together to take with us. We usually have a playdate planned at this time or we go to the Y. I have to keep these girls busy or they get so stir crazy. Today we’re visiting daddy at work. 🙂

10:25 am- I smell something, I was right, June needs a new diaper. I quickly change her while I watch Faith crawl toward the kitchen. That baby gate can come any day now!!

10:35 am- They’re both loaded in the car and we are off to pick up lunch and then to Charlie’s work. We have a picnic near his office which means the girls dump out their food, roll in it, and eat handfuls of dirt while Charlie and I inhale our sandwiches. Family time!


11:55 am- Back home, unload the girls and they play while I unpack and get organized.

12:10 pm- I bring the girls to the nursery and nurse them. They play on the floor together and I fold clothes in our bedroom. I love that they entertain each other and hearing giggles from the other room.

12:30 pm- I hear fussing and discover them fighting over the same toy, which is not a toy at all, it’s a strap to my nursing pillow, June’s new favorite toy. She carries it around the house in her mouth, it’s hysterical! June needs a new diaper so I change her and then Faith. We go to the living room to play.


1:00 pm- They’re both fussing and rubbing their eyes so we head to the nursery, read a book, sing a song and I put them in their cribs. While they nap, I send some texts, respond to emails, etc. I try to not be on my phone when the girls are around because they just fight over it and I don’t want to get in the habit of always being on my phone with them.

1:30 pm-  I lay down for a bit to read. I used to keep myself busy when they slept but after getting sick so many times, I’ve learned I need rest.


2:25 pm- Girls are awake. I go in and greet them, turn on their light and I make a quick snack for myself.

2:35 pm- Get them up, nurse them, change diapers and get ready for our second outing of the day. Getting out of the house at least twice a day has been the norm lately now that they nurse and sleep less often. A complete 180 from just a few months back when leaving the house happened maybe once or twice a week!

3 pm- Loaded up and on our way to the nature center/park. They LOVE animals, water and the swings!



4:30 pm- Home from the park, unload the girls, change diapers and we play in the living room.

5:00 pm- Nurse the girls and we play until Charlie gets home. This is probably my toughest hour of the day…just trying to keep them happy. One wants to be held while the other wants to get into something and then they switch and repeat 78902543270 times. My poor husband and the scene he walks into at the end of every day!


I also apparently get tired of putting their pants back on by the end of the day…

5:45 pm- Dinner time for the girls. We strip them down to diapers and they eat while Charlie and I catch up, pick up the house, and get the bath ready.

6:10 pm- Bath time- we do this every night now since they started eating solid foods because they’re just a mess. Charlie does bath time, both girls in the kitchen sink together, and I get them dressed for bed while Charlie cleans up the kitchen.


6:30 pm- Both are clean and in their jammies, I nurse them, Charlie reads them Goodnight Moon, say our prayers, sister kisses and they go down for the night usually by 6:45.

7 pm- I didn’t plan anything for dinner, it’s Friday and we usually go to the grocery store on weekends so we’re low on food. Charlie runs out to the store to pick up something for us. I check the monitor, they’re asleep, so I jump in the shower.

7:30 pm- We eat together while watching TV, lately we’ve been catching up on Scandal. Sometimes on weekends we’ll rent a movie…I know, we’re wild.


10 pm- Charlie takes a shower and I pump for 15 minutes, which is the last thing I want to do before bed but need the milk for their oatmeal and if they need bottles. If I don’t use it, I just freeze it.

11 pm- We head to bed; we try to be in bed a little earlier during the week, not that it makes much of a difference. The girls don’t sleep later on the weekends! Enjoying every stage…one day they’ll be teenagers and want to sleep till noon!

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  1. Just woke early and saw this – you described it all so well! You and Charlie are an awesome team – such good parents! So glad ya’ll are out and about more now! Mimi and PopPop send our love!😍

  2. I only had one at a time, but your blog brings back the memories full force of how BUSY and PACKED my days were.YOurs are doubly busy and packed!

    I loved the stage of going out on outings and to the park – a daily occurrence like yours! But, having lived vicariously through your day via your blog, I am now ready for a nap myself! Faith and June wore me out! 😉

  3. Wow, so impressed with your schedule! And especially impressed that you are still nursing, especially two babies! Good for you (and them!).

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