Baskets for Storage + Texture

Baskets are a mom’s best friend. They hide stuff, they store stuff, and look cute while doing it. I have baskets all over my home, and believe it or not, some of them are EMPTY. Yes, I have family of 4 in a <800 sq foot house with empty storage. Most of the time they end up with this or that in there, but I love decorating with baskets just to add texture to a room.





With clean lines and plush fabrics dominating most rooms, woven textures add just the right amount of “roughness” to keep things interesting. You can also achieve this with natural area rugs like jute or sisal or with woven blinds like I did in the girls’ nursery.





You can find great baskets anywhere, but my favorite sources are Homegoods, Target, World Market, Pier 1 and even craft stores like Hobby Lobby and AC Moore. I love that they’re neutral and go with any decor. They don’t have to all match, in fact I think it looks better when they don’t. Use various sizes and shapes as well!

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