Twin Life Lately- 9 Months

I rarely have time for blog posts these days, but I’ve really enjoyed looking back at these monthly updates and have heard from so many who love reading them so I’m trying to make a point to keep up! Everyone has told me when the “fun” age is…when they start smiling, when they start cooing, when they start reaching for things. Those are all fun stages but nothing compares to this one. THIS is the fun age (so far). These girls have so much personality; after they go to bed Charlie and I will recap things they did and just laugh. I wish I could just bottle these couple of months up to save forever, instead I just take loads of pictures and videos and pray that I’ll be able to tell them apart when I look back years from now.



The girls had their 9 month well visit on Tuesday and everyone checked out great!

June- 15lb 6 oz (5%), 25.5 in (5%)

Faith- 15lb 12 oz (5%), 25.5 in (5%)

Aside from a random cold we all shared last week (isn’t that how it always goes?) we’ve been pretty healthy this past month! We did find out, however, that the girls still have a milk protein allergy. I eliminated dairy from my diet a few months back and tried reintroducing it a few weeks ago to see how they do and still had issues so we’re dairy free again. Our doctor says I can try when they’re a year, but still refrain from eating dairy and feeding them any dairy (which they haven’t tried yet). She said we’ll probably also hold off on introducing cows milk for them at a year as well and try soy instead. She’s a little worried that they could have issues with food allergies so she wants me to try eggs and peanut butter during office hours in case there’s an issue, but to go ahead and introduce it to prevent issues with it in the future.


This is where so much has changed, they play so much and so hard…like it’s their job (but it is isn’t it…oh to be young again). They’re so active, moving everywhere. Faith was our only crawler for a while, mainly scooting around on her belly…and quickly. She now crawls with such style, taking a step and pointing her leg out to the side with pointed toe. She also twirls her wrists all the time, I swear she’s going to be a dancer of some sort. June would just watch her sister but be perfectly content sitting with all of her toys surrounding her, pumping her legs with excitement. And then came the reaching…no matter how far away the toy is, even 10 feet away, which is hysterical. And then she realized she could go backwards and then turn around to get to something. Then one day last week we got them up, I fed them and then June just crawled to her paci, put it in and sat up on her own. Charlie and I looked at each other and said “well ok then”.

They’re in the “love everything for 30 seconds” stage, so keeping them entertained is a full time job. I recently went to a yard sale and came back with so many new toys, Charlie and I joked it was like Christmas morning. Of course their favorite toys are the most simple ones, and things that are clearly not toys that they try to get their hands on. They’ve also grown to LOVE bathtime and we just recently started bathing them together.


They love books and will lunge for them every time we’re reading them. Storytime before bed has become quite eventful, and still one of my favorite moments of the day. We pretty much laugh the entire time. I’d like to start taking them to a storytime at the library, which they have for their age, just right in the middle of their nap time. Maybe once their naps get a little later I’ll venture out for that.

They’re playing together a little more now. It used to be just straight toy stealing or hair pulling but now they’ll actually play with the same toy together for a couple of minutes, which is an eternity at this age.

They really enjoy being outside, and we go for stroller rides or go to a park every day that it’s nice out. They’ve started to notice animals, so I’ve been taking them to a nearby zoo or anywhere that has aquariums for them to see the fish or birds…their favorites.



The “talking” has picked up big time; everywhere we go, everything we do, these girls have something to say about it. June says “dada” and Faith says “mama” and it just melts our hearts. They laugh all the time, even when not provoked. June thinks it’s hilarious when we say her name. They love giving us kisses and sissy kisses. My favorite moments are watching them play together and one of them will spontaneously kiss the other on the head…which is really just an open mouth slobber accompanied with an ear, hair or nose grab and resulting in the other screaming, but it’s super sweet until it isn’t.



I’m happy to report things are much better in this department compared to last month. I think me getting sick actually did us some good because it forced us to stay at home more and get on a good schedule, versus all summer when we were pretty much always on the go and trying to get sleep whenever possible. Another game changer was that June figured out how to find her paci in the middle of the night and PUT IT IN HER MOUTH!!! Hallelujah!! So she now goes to bed with about 6 pacis to increase her odds. Faith is still our rockstar sleeper and I love her so much for that. The rare times she wakes at night its for a reason, either her diaper leaked, she’s hungry, or a few nights ago her sucking fingers were stuck in her sleeve and I woke up to “MAMA, MAMA”. I think I sat straight up in my bed.

Naps are going well too (I hope I’m not jinxing myself) which I also credit to being home and sticking to a schedule. They nap from 9-10 and 1-2:30/3. As long as I’m strict about when I put them down, naps go well. If I put them down late or early, it messes them up, which makes it kind of difficult being out and about but as long as I plan well, we do pretty good.


I’m now working on trying to get them out of a sleep sack before they start standing up (or grow out of the ones they have…they’re not cheap!). Faith is completely out of them, June really loves her sack. She sleeps ok during naps without it, but at night she has been waking up more so we may need to keep her in it a little longer. 1 out of 2 isn’t bad, I’ll take it!


A lot has changed in this department as well. A couple of weeks ago, my super eaters suddenly started screaming when we’d feed them solids. Each mealtime was a battle of us trying to feed, them grabbing or swatting the spoon, not opening their mouths…just screaming. So stressful! Around that time I also started feeding them cheerios and they did ok with them so it hit me, maybe they want to feed themselves. I put a few pieces of food on their tray and sure enough…that’s all they wanted. Well ok then, lil miss independents. It was messy as all get out at first but they’re getting the hang of it and it’s still really messy. They’re babies, they’re messy, I’m ok with it. So now they feed themselves aside from a bowl of oatmeal that they need for iron mixed with prunes which they need for obvious reasons. It’s still a little bit of a struggle feeding them with the spoon but I do it in the morning when they’re more cheerful and sometimes sneak it in when they’re trying to put something else in their mouth. Hey, I do what I gotta do.


In addition to their solid meals 3 times a day, I’m also breastfeeding them 5-6 times a day. They rarely take bottles these days and actually just play with it more than drink it unless they’re starving. The doctor says we need to start transitioning them to a sippy cup instead of a bottle for milk, but it’s not super important until I wean them from breastfeeding. I’ve been getting the weaning question a lot lately and I don’t have an answer. My goal has ultimately been to 1 year and I’m so glad I’ve been able to make it this far. I don’t have a reason to stop at exactly 1 year so I’ll assess once I get there.

other updates

We’re going through some separation anxiety, which is typical for this age. Leaving them with anyone other than my mom or mother in law, and Charlie of course, is a challenge. They’ve done pretty well with the church nursery, but occasionally they get upset. I’ve started taking them to the gym nursery and it’s been pretty rough. The ladies there are great with them and it’s usually the same ones there every time, it will just take some getting used to.

Anyone putting them down for naps or at night, other than Charlie, has been tough too. The doctor says a lot of that has to do with me nursing them so it will eventually get better with time, as will the separation anxiety in general.


They’ve become super apprehensive with any face they don’t know, even if I’m with them. It’s kind of tough because they’re twins and everyone, anywhere I go wants to take a peek at them. I’ve learned to just not let them linger too long or else I’ll get tears. I’d cry too if someone I didn’t know was just staring at me for an extended period of time!

We also had our first haircut this month *tears*. Faith was born with a long…I don’t want to call it a rat tail because it’s my sweet baby girl and that sounds like such a terrible term to describe anything on something as precious as her but it’s the only way to describe it accurately. Now that they’re obsessed with hair pulling, June gets her hands on Faith’s hair more and more and if I can reduce the amount of tears in my house, I have to do it, so we trimmed her up. She also had a patch by her ear that June pulls when they’re nursing so that got trimmed as well. I didn’t realize how sad Charlie and I would be after I cut it, but we were…incredibly sad. I don’t know why, it just hit us that she looked different and something she was born with was gone now. I think she does look a bit more cleaned up and the hair pulling has been reduced.


This summer was full of travel so we’re going to stay put a bit more this fall, and limit our travel. We are, however, looking forward to a day trip or two to the mountains. I mentioned that this is mine and Charlie’s absolute favorite season so we’re really looking forward to enjoying it with our girls!



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