Twin Life Lately- 8 Months

The twins turned 8 months on the 22nd…as you can see I’m having a hard time keeping up with these posts but I’m doing my best! It’s been an interesting and busy month, lots to recap! We had a great time on our first beach trip with the girls, and as soon as we got back, resettled, and back to our normal (what’s that??) routine, I get diagnosed with shingles. Seriously, shingles. I was in disbelief when the doctor told me, I thought only older people get shingles and I’m 32! I also thought only teenagers get mono and I got that this past March. Maybe, just maaaaaybe I’m a little stressed this year. I can’t just get a 24 hour bug, I have to get viruses that completely knock me out for a month+, and I’ve always been a healthy person and take care of myself even with the twins. My doctor said lack of sleep and stress has just knocked my immune system down so I’m more susceptible to getting sick. I keep reminding myself that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. I’m still recovering, still in a lot of pain, but life must go on, and the girls still need their momma. We may not have as many fun outings and activities as usual, but we’re hanging in there. This too shall pass…and I’m trying to enjoy every little stage these girls are experiencing even through all I’m experiencing physically. They’re only little once!



Despite my health issues the girls have been healthy over the past month. We’ve experienced some stuffy noses, but other than that, they’ve been great. Of course my first concern with shingles was the girls because they’re not vaccinated for chicken pox yet (12 months). As long as they don’t actually touch it, we’re good. I did everything I could to keep it covered and their little fingers out of my hair (where most of the rash was) so I really hope we’re in the clear. I’m not contagious anymore, thankfully, but I’m on the look out for any chicken pox symptoms and praying they don’t get it!!

Still no teeth yet and really no signs of them other than random days where they seem super frustrated. A friend of mine was saying the same thing about her little babe and joked that we will wake up one morning and they’ll greet us with a mouthful of teeth.



These girls are so much fun to watch these days. For a long time I thought they really couldn’t care less about each other. They’d look at each other every now and then but really, they were happy by themselves. Of course I was disappointed wanting them to have this amazing twin bond that I’ve heard so much about! Could my girls be the only identical twins who just co exist and have zero closeness?? And then started the eye poking, the ear pulling, knocking each other over, pinching, scratching, hair pulling, roll on top of each other, sucking each others toes/fingers. And the toy stealing and drama…O M G. I think, and hope, this violent chaos is the start of this twin bond I’ve been craving. For now, I just keep their nails trimmed and keep repeating “gentle, don’t hurt sissy” and “no, sissy is playing with that toy right now, when she’s done with it you can play with it.” I feel like a broken record.


The girls are sitting up pretty well and moving and grooving all over the place. Faith army crawls pretty quickly and gets on her hands and knees a lot. We just witnessed her first actual crawl this morning, she also just started standing, assisted of course. June crawls backwards and squeals because she just can’t figure out why her toy keeps getting further and further away from her and she’s now stuck under the couch. Our house is pretty entertaining these days.



What’s that? Seriously, sleep has been a very sore topic in our house lately. Between traveling, teething and colds this summer, we’ve gotten lazy on enforcing their sleep training they worked so hard on back in May, and haven’t had the time to get back to it until now. Not only has lack of sleep obviously affected my health, I’m noticing a huge difference between Faith (my good sleeper) and June (my non sleeper) and their moods every day. Poor June just spends every hour awake fussy, rubbing her eyes, and wanting to cuddle, not play and learn new things. I feel like a terrible mom because this is my fault, I have to teach her how to sleep on her own.

She started eating several times during the night again because that was the only thing that would put her back to sleep. I couldn’t just let her cry it out when she wakes up at night now that she’s relying on those calories through the night. I picked up this book last Friday and speed read it so we could get started Saturday with a new routine. It’s a different approach to crying it out and it gives step by step instructions on how to wean night feedings.

So far, June has been doing great! She gets to sleep on her own (even with out her paci!!) and stays asleep most nights except for when I wake her to feed her as part of the night weaning. Faith has been sleeping through but June started waking her up at 5 and they both decided they’re hungry (sleep training twins is pretty difficult for this reason). So now I’m waking both of them at 4 to feed them quickly and I’m weaning them from that feeding so hopefully they’ll both sleep through. It feels like a huge step backwards waking twice a night (and setting alarms) to feed them at 8 months old but it’s not forever, and they (June) need to learn that crying at night does not automatically get them fed, especially since they will one day wean from breastfeeding, and nursing in the middle of the night wont be an option!


So as of now, they go to bed at 7pm, which I love much better than 6pm because Charlie can be home for their dinner and bath, and they wake around 6:30am…much better than the 5/5:30am wake up calls we were getting last month. I am waking up at 1 to feed June and 4 to feed both, but this is only temporary (I hope!).  They don’t usually wake up other than that which is a huge improvement from the every 1-2 hours June was waking up. They take 2 naps a day now, one at 8:45/9 and one at 12:45/1, which means this is also when I nap. I seriously feel like we have newborns again in this department. Please pray that this new schedule works! We all need the sleep BAD!


I breastfeed the girls 6 times a day (plus the two feedings at night I talked about above) and they eat solids 3 times a day now. I finally have an actual schedule for their feedings which has made life much easier. I tandem feed them most feedings except for the last one before bed, I feed one at a time so me and Charlie both get one on one time with them before bed.


The pediatrician said they do nurse more than most babies at this age but it’s not an issue if it works for us. Once I start adding snacks to their diet and they take in more solids, they’ll nurse less often.

I’m still making purees for the girls solid meals, making them a little thicker now so they can learn to eat bigger pieces and eventually finger foods. We’re only feeding them fruits and veggies, no protein yet. I know they can have meat at this age but I’m holding off on introducing new foods for a bit until we get their sleeping in order. I’m also still holding off on dairy for me and them since they’ve had an issue with milk protein. The doctor said we’ll discuss adding it at their 9 month appointment.


Typing all of this out seems so surreal to me. I can’t believe we have 8 month olds. I remember months ago thinking that 8 months seems so far away and now my teeny 5 lb babies are taking up the majority of my lap. I remember being pregnant and the thought of having two babies just boggled my mind and here they are. I look at the girls several times a day and can’t believe how big they are and I have two! I still pinch myself! I mean look at these little faces, how did I get so lucky?



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  1. They are so adorable! What a fun age! Don’t worry about the nursing frequency. My second son nursed constantly (every three hours at night even when he was 8 months old). I thought he would never slow down but he eventually did. Thank goodness because it does get tiring! Hang in there, Mama! So sorry about shingles. Boo. I’ve had patients tell me the pain is unbelievable. Hopefully that clears up soon for you. 😦

  2. So sorry to hear you have had the shingles, stress can definitely do that. How precious the recent pictures are especially daddy & the girls having fun in the floor, so glad you could update everyone. We will keep you in our prayers.

  3. They are so sweet and you are a great mom! I’m so happy when I get to see the new Lively girls on Facebook 🙂 Thank you for sharing them!

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