Twin Life Lately- 7 Months

S E V E N months! This month flew by, I feel like I just wrote one of these posts! Every week…actually every day is something new with these two, it’s hard to keep up. They’re hitting a lot of milestones lately, I always have my phone nearby to take a video of something new they’re doing. This past month has been a busy one with travel and their first colds (more on that below), but I’m trying hard to soak in every minute with these two littles because time goes so fast!



We don’t have another well visit check up until 9 months, but we did have a couple of visits to the pediatrician this past month…actually over 4th of July. June stopped sleeping, I mean just flat out STOPPED. Like would doze off for maybe 10-15 minutes at a time…day and night. This was a super fun time in our lives (insert sarcasm). I knew something was going on with her; sure enough she was coming down with something, but thankfully nothing serious. Of course she then gave it to her sister, and they gave it to Charlie and then I thought back and realized I was the one who started it all. 😦 I guess that’s how it goes when you all live together! We’ve kicked the bug out of the house it seems and getting back to sleeping somewhat regularly and no more sick babes…for now!


Teething has also entered into our lives with full force, but still no teeth. Faith has been having trouble with it more than June but add that on top of colds and growth spurts, we have been having some fussiness in our house (understatement). I just keep repeating “this too shall pass” and take each day as it comes.




I love all these new stages, it’s like every day they have a new trick! Both girls are sitting up on their own (with my hand close by to catch a quick loss of balance) rolling around like crazy, and scooting backwards. Faith just figured out how to go forward and will also rock on her knees and elbows like she wants to crawl. I’ve pretty much had to clear everything out of the living room and just surrender the room to them. I already can’t leave the room for more than a few seconds. They aren’t too quick but all it takes is a couple of rolls and they’re dangerously close to wacking their heads or getting something in their mouths that they shouldn’t. My parents got them a big play pen…Charlie calls it a yard cage…that fits pretty well in our living room and is great for outside when we’re doing something and they need to be contained. They still L O V E being outside more than anything. It instantly calms them!


They’ve also started the toy fighting/stealing. It’s mild for now, but I’ve witnessed many times when one (Faith) will snatch a toy when one (June) isn’t looking. The drama I tell you!


As I mentioned above, colds and teething has really interrupted our sleep lately. Faith is sleeping through the night again, 6pm-6:30ish am. June is still getting up once or twice a night, mainly just for her paci. She’s still getting up at 5 am and won’t go back down. She’s not even hungry when she wakes, she just wants attention. Most of the time we can get her to go back to sleep in bed with us. (Things I said I’d never do as a parent…) The pediatrician said this is a common age for them to go through separation anxiety and I can see that especially at night with June. It’s during the day with Faith…she MUST be held by ME, with no one else around, most of the day. Sorry baby girl, you’re a twin.

They stopped taking their 3rd nap right around the time their sleeping went kinda crazy from them not feeling well. And then just last week they decided to take a 3rd nap again, and the past couple of days they’ve been fine with 2. Just when I think I have their schedule figured out…it changes. Story of my life!


Thankfully they both typically nap and go to bed at the same time. I had a week or so when that wasn’t the case, for pretty much the first time in their life, and it was rough. It was a pure survival week and if I could just get anyone to sleep (including myself) it was a victory, no matter what time it was or where (crib, bed, swing, car seat). They’re pretty synced up now though.


The girls are still breastfeeding 5-6 times a day. I’ve had issues with them being so incredibly distracted when I nurse so I’ve started stretching out their feedings so they’d actually EAT because they’re hungry. So far so good. I also got so frustrated with tandem feeding these big babies that I went to feeding them one at a time…impossible when I’m by myself. I can’t handle the screaming from the one not eating or the one I’m feeding is distracted by sister and won’t eat. So that didn’t last long and I reached out to a great twin community for advice. Many recommended a new nursing pillow to tandem feed them on so I found one on craigslist and that’s been a world of a difference! They’re still a bit distracted but I’ve heard from others that this is just a stage, hopefully so!


They’re eating solid foods twice a day, after their first nap and about an hour before bed. They like pretty much everything we give them for the most part. Faith will give us a face/gag/head shake the first time she tries something new but after that she’s game. She’s so funny, after every bite, her two middle fingers go back into her mouth. We sometimes actually have to yank them out for her to actually eat. June is hysterical…she eats with her arms straight out to her sides, eyes wide open staring at the spoon while kicking her legs like “gimme gimme gimme”. Sometimes she cries between bites if I’m feeding them myself. Impatient little one! I’ve been making their food which is a lot easier (and less expensive) than I thought. I’ve gotten in a groove and just make a little here and there to keep up a supply in the freezer.



I’ve been filling our calendar every week with outings as it helps me and the girls. They have really started to like being around people and different surroundings, which is a far cry from months ago when I literally couldn’t take them anywhere, especially on my own.


We are looking forward to our first beach trip with the girls this month! I’ve heard from other moms it’s not a vacation at all when you have babies, but we’re looking forward to it. The girls LOVE a change of scenery, as do I, so it will be nice to get out of town and spend time with family.




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