I Will Never…

Before I was a mom, there were things I always said I’d never do. I’m sure all parents can relate to their perspective changing once you actually have kids and some of these “rules” get thrown out the window. I thought it would be fun to share a couple of things I said I’d never do and sure enough, have found myself doing these days.

I won’t…

Let my identity be taken over by being a mom. You know what? 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I’m a mom and I’m more than good with that…I’m thrilled with that. So sorry if most of my conversation revolves around being a mom, it’s pretty much my favorite thing ever.

Use pacifiers. I had always heard moms complain about trying to wean their kids from pacifiers so I swore I’d just never introduce them in the first place. Of course all of the hospital nurses gave me a look like I was crazy those first few days when I said no pacis. After a week, I remember basically begging our lactation consultant to use them. We got the green light and after that, those things never left their mouths. June is still a big fan of the paci, Faith will just play with it but prefers her two middle fingers now. We’ll deal with the weaning when we get to it, plus they just look so darn cute with them.


Ignore my appearance when in public. I always see those moms who are completely disheveled and look like they haven’t looked in a mirror in a week. I swore that would never be me, and then I had twins. Mind you, I do make an effort most days, but some days effort means wearing sunglasses to disguise my under eye bags the size of Texas.

Give my kids juice. Well, when they need liquid, won’t drink water, and breast milk isn’t an option, the sugary stuff is sometimes what they get.


Use the 5 second rule. I know it’s gross, but I’ve got two babies, I can’t wash a paci, toy, etc every time it touches the floor. I mean of course there are exceptions, but for the most part, a quick inspection is fine in my book. I do TRY to keep my floor clean, if that helps.

Bring my kids to bed with me. And then I had a baby who decides to suddenly get up at 4:30/5am  E V E R Y M O R N I N G. We may be forming a bad habit, but we have to survive, and starting our day at that hour isn’t good for anyone. Plus, those days when all 4 of us are in bed in the morning are my favorite.


Talk about our kids on date night. Charlie and I have had a few rare opportunities for date nights since we’ve had the girls and while we do talk about many things, we also talk a lot about June and Faith. It’s exciting to dream and glimpse into what’s ahead for us and our girls are a huge part of that, so yes, they come up many many times on dates.

Worry about every little thing. I’m a pretty laid back and thought that would be the case when I have kids but I’ve realized I’m such a worrier. I’ve chilled out a lot since they were born but overall I get freaked out about little things I never thought I would.

Let my kids be barefoot in public. I always would get grossed out by bare feet, even baby bare feet, so I swore I wouldn’t let my kids go barefoot even though they aren’t walking yet. Then I had twins and I’m more concerned with them just having some sort of clothing on them when we’re in public. They have 2 pairs of shoes and have worn 1 pair 1 time.


Let my house get dirty. I’m so thankful for a smaller house, which means less to clean but I’m also very guilty of letting it go some weeks. I get a couple hours a day when the girls nap and cleaning the house usually isn’t super high on my priority list.


Compare. Let’s be honest, this is what moms do. It started when we were pregnant and we’re in full on compare mode the minute our baby is born. We compare between the way we do things, the way we look, our kids… we even compare between our own kids. We’re constantly looking to others to figure out how we’re doing. I’m trying so hard to not compare myself with other moms and compare my two, especially since they’re twins and everyone else will compare them their whole lives.

Drive a minivan. No we don’t have one, but I have caught myself admiring them. I said to Charlie a couple of weeks ago, “that’s a pretty nice minivan” and he quickly responded with “we don’t say those words in this house.” Well then…

I’m positive this list will grow over the years. What things have you said you’d never do as a parent and broken your own rule?

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  1. And doing these things you said you never would is exactly what makes you one of the best moms I’ve ever witnessed- you know what’s best for your babies and I’m so proud and happy to watch them grow with such care and love that you and Charlie give them!!

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