Living Room Updates

I get antsy every once in a while and need a change, especially when it comes to my house. I’ve always been this way…when I was growing up and had a moment of boredom, my bedroom would be completely rearranged in no time. I guess I should have warned my poor husband? We woke up one day a few weeks ago and I told him I was thinking of rearranging the living room. Before he could ask questions I had already started. His response was “oh, you mean like now?” Did I mention I’m also impatient?

FullSizeRender (5)

So here we are, back to the original layout in our living room, and I’ve said goodbye to the gallery wall. I still love gallery walls, but with the addition of baby gear, a lot of things on the walls was starting to look cluttered.

You may also notice that we finally got a new sofa. I’ve been wanting a new one since the beginning of time (okaaaaay, at least a few years) and couldn’t justify the purchase, especially considering we were inserting kids into the picture. Finally I decided that I don’t need to live with an old sofa that I want to get rid of for as long as we have kids, because we’re talking at least 18 years.


The solution? A cheap sofa that has a slip cover that can be washed/changed. Not a huge investment ($400 total) and kid friendly. So we went to trusty Ikea 2 hours away (girls and all…that’s a whole other post) and picked up the very classic Ektorp sofa and a white slip cover. Crazy? Maybe. But it could also be a smart move. The entire slip cover is removable and washable. If I need to clean or bleach just one cushion, I can, multiple times and not have to worry about fading. If I’m wrong about a white slip cover or its damaged beyond repair, it was $50, I can get another color if I want to.  We’ve had it for about a month and so far we love it and I haven’t felt like I have to protect it like I would had we paid for a really nice sofa.

FullSizeRender (6)

Other changes…I bought this mirror from Target after admiring many driftwood like mirrors. Of course I’d love a real wood mirror but real wood=$$$$. This one looks great and gives me the look I was going for. I also cleaned up our shelves a bit and we moved our chest/coffee table and brought in this fireside bench we got as a wedding gift. We were quickly running out of room once the girls started rolling everywhere, so this bench takes up less space and I can easily push it aside when we need more room.

FullSizeRender (7)

I need to do something about the TV stand that houses several enticing things for babies. I’m on the lookout for a replacement that keeps everything more enclosed. We are still working on baby proofing…so basically removing everything possible from the room. We don’t have a separate play room for them so this room is it. I know I’m going to have crawlers on my hands very soon…


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