Modern Accent Chairs

I’m currently working on a client’s home that has a traditional feel but we want to bring in modern and rustic touches. I love mixing styles, and adding an accent chair with clean modern lines is a really fun way to mix up traditional and rustic pieces. A colorful accent chair can also give a splash of color without going too overboard. Here are a few that I love; most come in many fabric options:


Everett Armchair


Class Lounge Chair


Modern Chair

download (2)

Murphy Chair


Remark Arm Chair


James Nickel & Leather Chair


Parlour Chair


Caribbean Blue Quincy Chair


Avec Chair

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  1. This is where my design (non)expertise falls down. I have yet to figure out how to mix styles. In fact, I haven’t done it at all in our home! I love the idea and how it looks when other people do it, but when it comes to our home, everything I try looks so out of place. I really like the modern chair though. I think maybe I could try something like that in our bedroom and see if I get the feel for it. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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