Friday Faves

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there! I have a much bigger appreciation for moms, and especially my own mom, after becoming one myself. We’re planning on spending the weekend with our family, and it looks like we’ll have nice weather for it so I’m excited!

Also, the Richmond Moms of Multiples is hosting their bi-annual yard sale this weekend and you better believe I’ll be there! I’ve had it on my calendar for months and have been making a list of everything the girls need to bring with me!

A few of my favorites lately…

1. This little girls’ room is so adorable. I love Kirsten’s style and creativity in her designs.


2. Did you know that you can make any curtains black out curtains with no sewing involved? Maybe I’m late to this party but these liners exist and are about to find a home in the girls’ nursery.


The twins went from great nappers to not so great lately. We put bamboo shades up in their room which makes the room pretty dark, but not dark dark like we apparently need (rookie mom mistake). I put so much effort into choosing fabric for our curtains, and my mom put a lot of love into making them, I didn’t want to just take them down and use different black out curtains. Insert black out liners. We are hanging them behind our existing curtains on a separate (lower) rod so we can pull them shut during nap time (pictures coming soon). You could also get a double rod and hang them behind your curtains or hook them to the back of them. Brilliant, y’all.

3. Speaking of sleep, this book has been my go to for our twin babes. I actually ended up with two copies so I gave the other to my expecting sis-in-law (who’s having one baby but still the same concepts apply).

download (1)

There’s also a non-twin version, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. I’ve seen tons of sleep books out there but this one has been spot on for us with the girls so far. It goes into the science of sleep and how it develops at different ages which is super helpful on figuring out what’s best for your babies. There are sleep-training methods in here, which we haven’t had to do (yet), but I mainly use it to know what to expect as far as sleep development and to see if we’re on track. Do you have a favorite baby sleep book? I’d love to hear what worked best for you!

4. Such a sweet farm house tour. So classic and cozy!


5.  This is so cool- using identical twins to study how space traveling affects the body.

Happy weekend!

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