Brass + Gold Accessories

If you look through my home, I have gold somewhere in every room. It’s usually just one or two pieces- a frame, a mirror, etc., but adding a touch of brass or gold is a perfect way to warm up a space. It only takes a little to make a big impact, too much can bring you back to the early 90s. Gold + brass looks great with many color combinations. Here are a few examples.

Grays + Blues



Black + White



Woodtones + Neutrals









And here are a few items that you can easily add to your home to get the look.

 Brass + Gold

Side Table | Sunburst Mirror | Lamp | Wire Bowl | Bar Cart | Pillow | Mirror | Canister | Mirror Set



2 thoughts on “Brass + Gold Accessories

  1. this abundant life says:

    I am also really into gold and brass right now. I have been helping my mom redecorate their guest room and I keep trying to sneak gold in there. She is having a hard time though. I think because she already went through the brassy 80’s/early 90’s mauve and blue phase, she is having visions of that every time I try to introduce it. I am going to send this post to her to prove that it isn’t just me who finds gold wonderful! 😉

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