Twin Life Lately- 4 Months

I would call this month a roller coaster month as it’s been a time when we’ve REALLY realized, “hey, we have TWO babies!” We’ve started to notice their differences which is so fun; they’re identical twins but their personalities couldn’t be more opposite. June is our firecracker, always keeping us on our toes and making us laugh. Faith is so laid back and always, always so sweet and with a smile that could light up a room. Up until now, we’ve basically treated them as a unit because it’s easier that way. Lately, we’ve really started to treat them as individuals which is exciting, but also so challenging at the same time. Like I said…roller coaster, every day.




They’re both doing great and growing! At their 4 month appointment, Faith was 12lb 3 oz (16%) and 23.5 in (19%). June was 11lb 13oz (11%) and 23.25 in (13%). Faith’s torticollis is looking better (more on that here), looks like tummy time and other exercises have been working!

Our doctors appointment was rough, I mean ROUGH. Seconds before the doctor came in, Faith decided she’s had enough. This happens every so often when we’re in public places, she just gets overwhelmed and is inconsolable. I tried everything that usually works…quiet room, nursing, walking- nothing worked. The doctor managed to examine them and give shots, but we had to get Faith home and the doctor said she’d call us. She said it’s nothing for us to worry about, it’s just her personality and the only way Faith knows how to deal with over stimulation is to cry. That will change as she gets older. June, on the other hand, is a social butterfly and we have to constantly keep her entertained, like I said, two opposite personalities!

They both ended up having a reaction to their oral vaccine, which had us panicking the next day. Charlie got them up in the morning and found that they had thrown up and we found spots of blood. Scary! They nursed fine but then both vomited again so we took them straight to the pediatricians. She said it’s most likely upset tummies from the vaccine. It could also be from crying so hard after shots that they popped a blood vessel which could also upset their tummies. I doubt that they both managed to do that at the same time so I’m leaning more toward a vaccine reaction. Thankfully they ate fine and didn’t have any more symptoms the rest of the day. They both did great at that doctors visit so we were able to “finish” our 4 month appointment. 🙂


I now see why parents accumulate so many toys (momma needs to go shopping)! These girls are always on the go, not quite mobile yet, but constantly needing to change things up. Before, I’d plop them down on their activity mat for a while and they’re happy, now June is over it in 5 minutes. She’s always ready for the next thing. Faith is usually content there for a while, she has a favorite toy that she will stare at and “talk” to for hours if you let her, until she gets over stimulated and needs a more quiet, calming activity.

Oh and their swings, yeah they’re over those too. They need to be looking around and part of the action. If they’re tired and fussy in the evening, we’ll put them in there and they dose off but not nearly as often as they used to.

They’ve both rolled over from belly to back, but just a couple of times. They’re trying to roll from back to belly but haven’t done it unassisted quite yet. We’ve also noticed them playing together more, looking and cooing at eachother, grabbing eachothers hand (or toy), it’s really cool to watch. And the laughing! It’s just to die for. I can’t get enough of it!


They love books and have really started to enjoy bedtime stories which is adorable. June smiles and laughs as soon as Charlie starts reading. Faith studies the book like there’s going to be a test later. They’ve also discovered cartoons. I think all babies are intrigued with the TV because of the lights, but they now know the difference between TV and actual cartoons and they’re in love. Again, June laughs the entire time, Faith is completely focused. I don’t want to create a bad habit with the TV for them, but when they’re both fussing and I know that I can’t pick them both up and calm them at the same time, there’s cartoons. A few minutes calms them to the point where they’re manageable.




This has been quite the roller coaster as well. The girls suddenly dropped their 2-3am feeding and started sleeping from 7:30pm-6:30am! It was great until it wasn’t. A week later June decided she no longer wanted to sleep all night but wanted to get up at 2, 4 and 5 am. Sometimes she just needed a paci, sometimes she needed a diaper, sometimes she needed to eat and sometimes she just wanted to smile at us. So she slept through the night when she wanted to. And then they switched…June slept great and Faith woke up here and there. Now it’s both of them, they kind of tag team us some nights, and some nights they don’t wake at all. I can’t complain, for the most part we all get a good amount of sleep at night.

Naps have been the same way. Morning nap is usually good for both of them and they’ll sleep 2-3 hours. The afternoon naps (usually 2 short, sometimes one long one) are kind of all over the place. June is usually the one who wakes up needing something or deciding that nap time is over. And when you’re a twin, that means you wake up your sister too so everyone can be on the same schedule. I was thinking poor Faith until a week ago when Faith became the wakeful one. I guess eventually it just evens out!




I’m still able to exclusively breastfeed the girls, most of the time tandem. There are times, especially at the end of the day, when they are so distracted that I have to feed one at a time. They’re at that age where they notice everything and focusing on eating is tough, so most feeding sessions are in the bedroom with the door shut, no noises, no talking, utter silence.

The doctor said they’re not quite ready to start solids yet, which typically happens around 4-6 months. They’re still a little small for a highchair and haven’t shown an interest in our food yet. But when they’re ready we’ll try it!

We hit a growth spurt which was probably the toughest week I’ve had since their first week at home as newborns. There was one day when they woke up from their nap at 11 and I was nursing one or both babies until they went to bed at 7:30. We had two 30 minute breaks when they (barely) napped and I got to eat, and that’s it. I’ve ran a marathon before and I’ll tell you, this was tougher, physically and mentally. Charlie spent the afternoon/evening fetching me water and food and massaging my shoulders. That day, we REALLY realized we have two babies.

But then we see this bond between the two of them and it makes it all so worth it. It’s untouchable, something they’ll always have. It’s just amazing to watch them.

IMG_2396 (1)

As I mentioned, this month has been a time of reflection for me. I keep looking at the girls and saying to myself, “seriously, we have twins.” There is a 3 in 1,000 chance of having identical twins. They don’t run in families, it’s purely spontaneous. I knew this fact after I learned I was pregnant with the girls, but God recently reminded me of this. Even though some days it feels like it, He didn’t give us twins just to challenge us and teach us what hard work is. It is such an amazing blessing to be able to raise these girls. He gave us two healthy, beautiful little miracles, and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for our family.



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  1. Thank you for sharing those precious little girls with all of us via your blog. We look so forward to seeing those smiles, makes our day!

    1. It’s the Preston Glider from Babies r Us. It’s great for us because we don’t have a ton of space for one of those super fluffy gliders you see everywhere. We like it, it’s pretty comfortable! It looks more tan online but it’s actually more gray in person. Hope that helps!

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