June + Faith Dedication

Last weekend, Charlie and I dedicated June and Faith at our church, Area 10. For those of you not familiar with a baby dedication, it’s when parents vow, before God, our families, and church, that we’ll raise our children according to Biblical principles. It’s also a time when our church and families pray for us and vow to encourage and support us in the decision of a Christian upbringing. It’s not a baptism as in some faiths, June and Faith will hopefully choose to do that later on in life when they’re able to make that decision for themselves.

It was a busy, but meaningful day for us, so we managed to capture a few pictures. I apologize for the blurriness, getting pictures of these two are tough these days- a very short window and really clear when they’ve had enough!





The church held a reception prior to the service for our families all to gather and catch up. The girls were all smiles, but it was naptime for them so they eventually got a bit overwhelmed. They did great though!




We dedicated June and Faith along with 3 other families who dedicated their little ones. They were the only girls among little boys, which I’m noticing alot lately! I guess June and Faith will have their pick in boyfriends! (cue Charlie’s concerned dad look he gets whenever a joke about boyfriends is made). Not until they’re 30 of course.




After service, we headed back to our house to feed and put the girls down for a much needed nap. Our families came over for lunch in the back yard while the twins napped.





We are so glad we had the opportunity to dedicate the girls, and very happy that our church celebrates children and supports parents every step of the way. It was a great day!


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