1 Year Ago

One thing you may not know about me is that I love NASCAR. Sorry, but it’s true. I grew up watching it on TV with my family and started going to races pretty regularly in my 20s (I’m officially in my 30s now so I can say that right?). Since living in Richmond, I’ve gone to every spring and fall race with my family, plus a few that we traveled for. Insert husband who has never been to a race…you better believe I was excited when he said he’d go last spring. We planned our typical tailgate spread and looked forward to the day. On Saturday morning bright and early, Charlie’s sister was on her way to our house, my parents were on their way down and my brother and I were texting back and forth making sure we all had everything we needed. And then I decide to go take a pregnancy test 🙂

We hadn’t been trying long but I had been feeling a little off and it was close to when I could probably find out if we were pregnant or not so I figured, why not. Sure enough, it was positive and Charlie and I laughed…uncontrollably…for a while. We couldn’t believe it, and now we had to figure out how to go about our day with these unusually big smiles on our faces, without telling anyone. My parents and Charlie’s sister were clued in when I was turning down drinks, dodging every cigarette in sight (very hard at a race by the way) and taking random naps in the truck while everyone was tailgating. We just smiled and winked until we were ready to spill the beans weeks later.


Funny part of the story is that the particular test I took also estimates how many weeks pregnant you are, so the result said “pregnant, 1-2”. Charlie asked what the 1-2 meant and I told him 1-2 babies. Little did we know that would turn out to be true!

Ahhh memory lane…so much has changed in just a short year!

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