Around Our House + Thoughts

Disclaimer: There’s a lot of honesty and not so pretty pictures in this post.

You’ve been warned ūüėČ

When we first got married and moved into our 800 sq ft house, we were constantly updating, decorating and had projects we were working on left and right. It was fun, we were a newlywed couple making our house our home. And then we found out we were expecting twins¬†and renovated our house to make room for them. And then I went on bedrest before we welcomed our twins. Since last fall, we’ve pretty much been in survival mode and any projects around the house have been put on the back burner or just cancelled all together. Of course we’ve had those “rearrange the room¬†to make room for this and that” or gone into “ultra organization” mode, but nothing worth blogging about.

That being said, forgive me if I’m not posting as many home projects or decorating ideas as I used to. This blog¬†has documented our life at home as well as decorating, and our life is dramatically different now. Priorities change¬†when you have children…actually everything changes. Decorating our home comes in maybe 7th or 8th on my list of priorities now where it used to be much¬†higher. I love and always will love decorating, I’ve even made a career out of it, so you’ll continue to see blog posts on it. I just wanted¬†to be honest with my readers in case you stumbled upon this decorating blog¬†and are confused as to why you’re now reading about how many diapers I went through in a day (just kidding,¬†I won’t go there, I’m too scared to count.)

OK back to our house.

Before kids…actually, before pregnancy, I always left my house “ready” because it just made me feel more at ease when I came home. I made the bed, folded blankets, fluffed pillows, cleaned counters, and put everything away (typing that actually makes me laugh, because it’s true, I was that crazy). Now, getting out the door with two babies means that sometimes I’m not even “ready” when I leave the house. I’ve had to accept that life changes, and I’m OK with that.

Because I love looking at other people’s homes (truth: I always look at the background whenever anyone posts a picture, in a totally non creepy way of course. Is that weird? Am I the only one who does that?) I thought I’d share a glimpse of our home NOW…our new normal…dirty laundry and all.






Looking at these pictures brings all kinds of thoughts to my mind. Seriously…we have 4 people living in less than 800 sq feet- 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. While I know that 1 bathroom eventually is just not going to cut it with 3 ladies under one roof,¬†this house works for us¬†and will be our home for the time being. Yes, we look at Zillow probably once a week¬†day, dreaming of our next step home. But at this point, we’re just happy to have an affordable home that we can call ours, in a convenient and safe neighborhood that we love. So to answer the question of if we will be moving…the answer is yes. Where? We don’t know. When? When the time is right.

A couple of weeks ago¬†we celebrated my grandma’s life¬†and watched old home videos from when my mom was maybe 3 years old. My grandma had 5 kids- 3 under 4 years old before she was even 21. In one of the videos, my mom and her two older brothers were all in an old school playpen, sandwiched between two pieces of furniture, in a teeny house, having the time of their lives. I’ve really had to “check myself” lately because here I am stressed that I have baby bottles on the kitchen counter, or that baby gear has taken over our living room or that I might have to move a table to fit a pack n play for our girls…sheesh. I’m sure June and Faith will have fond memories of living in this house together, and not if our house was huge, well¬†laid out and perfectly decorated. What matters is the people who live here, it’s our HOME.

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  1. Amen! thanks for the reminder (although I still have a goal of fitting more than 5 people in one of my rooms…ha)- but All we need is Love and the rest works itself out.

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