Friday Faves

What. a. week. Or actually…couple of weeks. Things have been a little slow on the blog front lately as I’ve been pretty sick. I woke up last Tuesday freezing cold and in pain. Sure enough, I had mastitis AGAIN. I called my OB and got a prescription called in for me so I could knock it out quick, but my fever just would NOT go down. Charlie was traveling for work that day but thankfully the girls were so good and took extra long naps because momma just couldn’t get out of bed! By 3pm my temp was up to 102 and rising, even with meds, so both my mom and Charlie were on their way. It’s a good thing because by that evening it was up to 104 and Charlie took me to the ER…twice. The first time my fever went down and I was discharged soon after I got there. As soon as I got home it spiked back up and I could barely move. It took both Charlie and my mom to get me out from under the covers (actually, one blanket made the trip with me to the ER…attractive, I know) and back into the car to the hospital. Come to find out in addition to the mastitis, I also had a nasty virus causing my fever to stay up. I’m finally feeling somewhat back to normal, and thank God Charlie and the girls seem symptom free. Hope it stays that way!

Being stuck in the house the past couple of weeks has been no fun, but nicer weather and Easter weekend has me looking forward to lots of fun activities! Here are a few of my favorite things lately.

1. This super cute Easter Brunch collection at Target, and most of it can be used all spring, not just for Easter.


2. Whoever came up with wubanubs is a genius. These things are absolutely adorable, and it helps us know whose “nubbie” is whose.



3. Loved this post by Emily A. Clark on taking ownership of your decorating. It’s super easy to get so caught up in decorating your home that you lose perspective of what you actually like and who you’re decorating for. This is a great reminder!

decoratingwithwhatyoulove_thumb (1)

4. This new shirt, paired with messy hair and leggings, has become my stay at home mom uniform.



5. And while we’re talking about what I’m wearing, this has been on my nails pretty much since I brought the girls home. It’s a perfect pale pink/nude color for my super fair skin, and it doesn’t look terrible once it starts to chip…a mom must.



We are headed to my parents house for Easter this weekend and couldn’t be more excited about spending the girls’ first Easter with mine and Charlie’s family. Also, getting out of the house is going to be pretty amazing, I’m not gonna lie.

Happy Easter!

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