Twin Life Lately- 3 Months

The girls are 3 months old! One thing that I don’t think I’ll ever get used to is how much they change on a daily basis. This is SUCH a fun age! They’re discovering new things, including recognizing each other, and it’s so fun to watch.

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They’re also looking more alike to me. At the hospital, I couldn’t tell them apart, but as I got to know them it became so obvious who is who. Now June is catching up to Faith in weight, and growing a little more hair so they look really similar now. One night Charlie brought them both to me for a feeding and they had their eyes closed. I looked at them for what seemed like minutes and had to ask him which one was which! It was 2 am but still, I couldn’t tell them apart! Oh and if they’re in their stroller, eyes closed and hats on and I introduce them to someone…it’s a pure guess because they look identical at that point. Is that sad?



Our last doctors visit was just after 2 months and Charlie and I are both thankful that we’ve found a great doctor for the girls. We decided to take them to a pediatric group, and then figure out which doctor we like along the way. We randomly scheduled their 1 month appointment with a doctor we hadn’t met and instantly liked her so we saw her again for their 2 month. It’s hard being a first time parent, you don’t always know the questions to ask (even though I walk in with an enormous list every time), so she comes up with things we need to know and asks us questions to encourage a dialogue. We always leave with so much knowledge that we didn’t have and at ease because we feel like she spends a good amount of time with us going over everything necessary. We don’t feel rushed like most doctors make you feel. Huge blessing to find her!


She’s very pleased with the girls’ growth- both gained around 2 lbs since their 1 month visit (June was 9lb 5 oz, and Faith was 9 lb 9 oz at 2 months) and they’re in the 10-15 percentile, which is a jump from 5% last visit at 1 month. Their height is in the 5-10% and they were in the 1-5% at 1 month.

We discovered that Faith has been favoring her right side and the doctor diagnosed her with torticollis. We’re working on treating it at home by encouraging her to look left, neck stretches and extra tummy time, but we definitely see a drastic flatness on the right side of her head. We’re hoping we don’t have to do physical therapy, but that’s the next step if things don’t improve. She doesn’t seem to be in pain, just determined to look to the right, even if there’s nothing there to look at! I have no idea where she gets her stubbornness from…


They got their 2 month shots- 4 in the legs and one oral. We all cried (well, me and the girls), but they calmed down pretty quickly after. They slept really well when we got home and woke up in the evening in pain. That screeching cry is the most painful thing for a mother to hear! We gave them Tylenol and they calmed down shortly after that. They got another dose before bed and they slept through the night, and didn’t seem in pain in the morning. They were generally sleepy the rest of the weekend but other than that, they did fine! Lesson learned- Tylenol before nap!


The girls are tummy time pros. They still don’t like it much, but they’re getting better at it. Faith is almost lifting up to her belly, and will look at me and smile right before she whines because she’s sick of tummy time already. She’s also kicking her leg up trying to roll over so I know it’s coming soon! June is starting to push up further as well, but she’s usually content just laying there sucking her fist. They definitely like their new play mat. I can lay them there and they’ll be entertained for a while, cooing and staring at all of the toys (they both still stare at the same one of course). They don’t like the mirror, and I thought all babies did. I guess it’s different when you’re a twin and used to seeing another baby all the time. They also still really like their swings, which have been life savers for us. We can just plop them down in there and they’re happy while we’re stirring around the house.


They smile all the time and it absolutely melts my heart. We hear little short laughs but not much. I can’t wait for their little girl giggles! They finally just started smiling at each other and it’s so precious! Charlie caught the first time on camera and they’ve been doing it ever since. They’ll even “talk” to each other. I’m already starting to feel like a third wheel!



The girls eat about 6 times a day, every 3-4 hours during the day and 4-7 hours at night. I’m still able to breastfeed them exclusively, and usually at the same time, unless one gets fussy and I have to tag team them. It’s become more challenging as they’re getting bigger and more distracted while they eat. I wrote a little about my breastfeeding experience in my 2 month update as well as here.


They’ve been going through their growth spurt this past week so my life lately has pretty much just been feeding them. Reminds me of their newborn days!


Sleep has been pretty good. They still go down for naps and at bedtime fairly easy; we put them down awake and they fall asleep on their own. We’re lucky that they usually only wake up once through the night. Most nights they sleep about 10-11 hours in two 4-7 hour stretches, and they nap for 1.5-3 hours 2-4 times a day. These girls love their naps! Other moms tell me I’m lucky that they nap this long so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts, but I miss them when they’re asleep! We’re working on figuring out a good bedtime for them because their 8:30-9 pm bedtime was starting to not work so well. They’d be so fussy before bedtime that they wouldn’t eat well, would get wired up, and all 4 of us would end up frustrated. So we’re gradually making the bedtime a little earlier to see what works best for them. So far 7-7:30 seems pretty good, but I guess it just depends on the day and how well they napped. I’ve read that a strict bedtime isn’t as important at this age as just putting them to bed well before they get too tired and catch a second wind.


We had a few days when Faith just WOULD NOT SLEEP. She’d have trouble falling asleep and wake up often. We finally figured out that it was because we switched the direction she was laying in her crib because of her torticollis. She couldn’t see June from that angle. Sure enough, we switched her back and she went right to sleep with no wake ups. June will turn 90 degrees in her crib, while swaddled, to see Faith. It’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

I hope you don’t mind the twin talk too much! I receive so many questions on how they’re doing so I figure this is an easy way to keep everyone updated.


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