Kitchen Backsplash Tips

One of the top requests I receive from clients are ideas for a backsplash. There are backsplash pictures EVERYWHERE but when it comes down to actually putting together a design for your own kitchen, I can see why it’s a pretty difficult decision. Here are a few tips and things to keep in mind.

1. Kitchen use.

Do you have a lot of open wall space or empty space on your counters, or do you have small appliances, vases, art, etc. displayed? This is important to consider because a busy backsplash will look too cluttered in a kitchen with many items displayed. On the contrary, if you have plenty of open space, a plain backsplash may be too boring; you may need to spice it up with colors or patterns to dress up your kitchen.

2. Remember that tile IS pattern.

Most tiles used for a backsplash are smaller, which creates a pattern all in itself with no need to add additional decoration. Consider a brick or herringbone pattern with subway tiles, or a diamond pattern with square tiles.





3. Look at colors throughout the home.

If you have a reoccurring color scheme throughout your house, try picking up one of those colors in your backsplash. Also, consider if you plan to have that color scheme in your home for some time. A backsplash is a little more of a commitment than a fabric choice. If you’re in doubt, go neutral.

4. other kitchen materials.

Are your counters a solid color or do they have a large pattern? What about your floors? Take a look at your cabinets. Do they have fancy moldings or are they more plain? Consider all of these things when deciding on patterns for your backsplash. Too much can appear busy, and too little, can appear too clinical and boring. It’s best to have a good balance.





5. Color balance.

If you have many colors throughout your kitchen, it may be best to go with a more neutral colored backsplash. If your kitchen is primarily white or neutral, you can be a little more daring on the backsplash, just be sure it’s a color you won’t get sick of!





 For more ideas and inspiration, check out my backsplash page on Pinterest.

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  1. I have been thinking about doing a bead board backsplash, but haven’t gotten around to doing it. I am not ready to commit to any tile (I haven’t found anything I love yet) so I thought this would be a nice, affordable temporary solution. Although I am sure you know, temporary solutions sometimes stay for a looooong time! 😉 You gave me some really great ideas to think about. Thanks for posting!

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