Amazing Memories

This past weekend we lost someone very special to us, our dear MeeMaw. Most of my childhood memories have her in it. She had 5 children, 15 grandchildren, and 11 great grandchildren and she made every effort to be there for each one of us, as much as she possibly could. She was the most generous person I know, always putting others before herself.

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As we celebrate her life this week, I can’t help but to think back on all the amazing times we had together. Here are just a few memories and things that will always remind me of my sweet MeeMaw.

  • Sewing- she was an amazing seamstress
  • Working on crafts with her at the campsite
  • Biscuits and sausage gravy breakfasts before church
  • Her contagious laugh, and getting “stuck” laughing
  • Her crazy dogs that she couldn’t get enough of
  • Riding in the betty boop golf cart at the campsite
  • Her endless supply of fabric and sewing patterns
  • Shopping and never missing a “sale”
  • Cream Sodas
  • Eating crabs with extra butter and crackers for the parts you’re not supposed to eat (ew)
  • Silly holiday hats/headbands/earrings/sweaters/t-shirts/vests/etc for EVERY holiday
  • So many outfits and dresses that she made with love
  • Anything Redskins
  • Jeans are called “Dungarees”
  • Being “roomies” at my parents house for a few months
  • Always driving a camper, never a car
  • Bowling
  • Watching her taking pictures with her cell phone
  • Walking down the stairs for the first time in months by herself after recovering from surgery and shouting “DETERMINATION!!” while pumping her fist
  • George Strait
  • “Oh man that was good”
  • Yelling at the Redskins play on TV
  • A bra hanging from a door knob (sorry, I had to)
  • She never met a stranger
  • “uh uh” hugs
  • Extra butter for everything
  • Always being honest and speaking what’s on her mind
  • “Wait a minute, I have a coupon for that somewhere”
  • Law and Order and other crime shows
  • Her feet always just a couple inches from the ground when sitting down
  • Making string lights for her campsite porch
  • Bluegrass music
  • “Ooo Ahh we’re almost there”
  • Betty Boop
  • Always finding the good in something or someone
  • Jo-Anns Fabric
  • Makeshift Slip and Slide at the campsite
  • An entire library of VHS tapes with recorded movies
  • Always having a bag of clothes that “might fit you”
  • Lazymans volleyball
  • Matching outfits
  • Her excitement about EVERYTHING
  • Party in MeeMaw’s room at Kent’s wedding
  • Girly weekends
  • A hat for every occasion
  • Fancy painted nails
  • “We are FAM-IL-Y”
  • Cooking for an army
  • Always giving 110%
  • New Years Eve banging pots and pans at midnight
  • Never missing an opportunity to tell you she loves you

 I’ll always find things to add to this list. One thing that’s for sure is that she created an amazing, big family that loved her so much, and through our family, those memories will always live. We miss you MeeMaw.

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  1. Dear Kelley,

    Your grandmother was an instant friend to me, and (I am sure) anyone who ever met her! I am grinning so big as I think about her. In her memory and honor I pledge to start wearing my sleeveless dresses and not think about my arms and to try to dance with abandon. I don’t mean this to sound trite, for she was such an amazing woman, but she did inspire me to accept myself and cut loose. What a legacy she left through her wonderful family! We will see her again! Love, nikii

  2. Kelley,
    We are so sorry to hear this sad news. She sounded like a wonderful person. My mom was right there to welcome her home. Love to all. Joe, Todd, Sandy and Hannah.

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