Friday Faves

Spring is finally here-(ish)! Well, it’s been over 50 and the days are longer, so that’s enough to get me excited! Experiencing a new season with babies makes it that much more exciting- new outings, new outfits, oh and the little baby Easter dresses out there? Don’t get me started. I can’t decide where to put that in our budget, under clothing or entertainment…because we all know it’s not the most practical purchase. But every little girl has to have a new Easter dress right?

Here are a few of my favorites lately…

1. I love Emily Henderson. She’s so super talented and really tells it how it is on her blog. Recently she wrote a post on a pet peeve of mine and she couldn’t have laid it out better.



Amen, Emily….amen.

2. I’m not as much of a beauty product junkie now as I was as a teen…maybe I’ve just figured out what works and like to keep it simple. Or maybe that’s just part of being a teenager, collecting beauty products that you use a grand total of 3 times. I can hear my dad now, “why do you take such long showers!?” Well, because I have a different type of soap for every body part, duh!

I have, however, been on the search for a good root volumizing spray. I may be the last person on the planet to try Guts 10, but I finally did recently.  I have a ton of hair, but it’s really fine, so everything I use weighs it down, even after chopping off 8 inches. This stuff works great.


By the way, I keep hearing you’re supposed to lose a lot of hair postpartum. Have I dodged that bullet or is this something that can happen months down the road? Anyone know?

3. A friend of mine from church, who also recently had a baby, invited me to postnatal yoga and I loved it! You bring your baby…or in my case babies, with you and you can either do some poses with them or keep them in their carrier. I opted for the latter considering I have two and they were both sleeping (Hallelujah!). You can bring babies up until they’re crawling around, so I’m really looking forward to going to class more. Such a nice retreat and a great way to meet other new moms.


4. I really like Lindsay and her boho/rustic style, so I was really excited to hear she would be having a girl, and couldn’t wait to see what nursery design she came up with. It’s absolutely adorable.


Full post with additional photos here.

5. We made the hour + trip to Charlie’s parents’ house last weekend for my sister in law’s birthday. The girls did great, even with a pit stop on the way that resulted in feeding them in the car (not so easy with two).


My parents live about 20 minutes away from his so they came by to see us as well. Seeing my dad and Charlie’s dad with the girls absolutely melts my heart. There’s something about a grandpa/granddaughter relationship.



Toward the end of our visit, they got fussy and sleepy, but it was nothing a harmonica couldn’t fix. Seriously, June was instantly calmed by PopPop’s tunes. So sweet.


I also got to see their new kitchen that I helped design. The construction finished right before I went on bedrest, so I wasn’t able to see it completed in person until this past weekend. (PS- these are older pictures, hence the pumpkins) 😉



We are looking forward to hopefully catching up on sleep this weekend. It’s been a rough week, and we may be on our way to another growth spurt? Pray for us!

 Have a great weekend!

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  1. Amen to the rug advice. However, since my rug is too small I am not sending you a picture of what-not-to-do! Meanwhile, still looking for a bigger rug! And LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitchen!!

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