Decorating Dilemma: High Ceilings

High ceilings are a great concept, but tough to decorate around. That’s one of the top questions I have from clients, what to do with all that wall space, or how to make the room feel cozier. Here are a few tips if you’re not too sure what to do with a room with high ceilings…

1. Draw attention to it.

Raise your drapery rods higher, go big and tall with art work, cabinets, and bookshelves, hang a statement light fixture. Use the openness to your advantage and draw your eye up.


2. Use Paint strategically.

Painting the ceiling a different (darker) color will “close in” the room a bit more and make the ceiling not seem as high.


3. ceiling treatments.

Coffered ceilings, paneling on the ceiling, and beams can help make a tall room feel cozier.

 69853b9e28e5e2d57fbe113b3adc1350Source with different heights.

When hanging art and frames, don’t hang everything at the same eye level. Mix in some taller pieces to break up the natural horizontal line of the room.





A few more tips…

  • Consider scale – Using larger pieces of furniture will ground the room. Smaller pieces will easily get lost and make a room with high ceilings feel cluttered. Also, use tall accessories to accentuate the height of the room.
  • Fix acoustics – Install drapes and use area rugs to absorb some of the noise.
  • Go beyond the 8′ line – Don’t fall into the trap of decorating only below the 8′ “line” of the room.

Have a decorating dilemma you’d like me to address? Comment or send me a message!

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  1. Great watch, Really It’s really delightful to read and see those decorated rooms and halls. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

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