Friday Faves

I’ve been slacking, ya’ll. I just realized my last Friday Faves post was last spring! Coincidentally it was right before we found out we were pregnant with twins. So that explains things. Here are a few of my favorite things / happenings this week (in the design world and in life)

1. The girls got a new activity gym for their 2 month birthday and they both fit in it! Yes I know I’m THAT mom that celebrates a 2 month birthday, or maybe I’m just having major mom guilt over their 2 month shots that they’re getting today. (Pray for me…I mean them!)


They’ve outgrown their travel play mat, only one baby fits in it so the other just lays outside of it looking at the toys in envy. This one has plenty of toys but of course they both stare at the same one. And so it begins… “June/Faith-share with your sissy”.

2. I have a new found appreciation for wallpaper, even though I have zero confidence in myself to actually apply it. Maybe one day. Until then I’ve bookmarked Trustworth Wallpaper because their designs are absolutely beautiful. I love that the prints are little vintage looking but would look great in any room- vintage or not.


Image Source

3. My best friend got us a Relay Foods gift card when we first brought the girls home and its my new favorite indulgence. They bring your groceries to your DOOR! It’s a little more expensive -think Whole Foods pricing, but it’s all local/organic items which cost a little more anywhere you get it. We just got our second delivery and I reordered this granola. It’s seriously amazing and FRESH! Not like other prepackaged granola.


4. I haven’t been out of the house much lately, and if I am, it’s usually a VERY quick trip to Target for a package (or 7) of diapers, a birthday card, or a new bottle of nail polish (hey, momma’s gotta feel pretty every once in a while!). 

I HAVE been keeping an eye on new spring decor items out there though, and I’m loving the new bedding at Pottery Barn. Maybe because I’m still indecisive about our own bedroom?? Here are a few of my favorites…

img29o (1)

Rita Wholecloth

img1o (1)

Darcy Toile


Flora Garden

5. This man that I married….


Have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. this abundant life says:

    Love that wallpaper!!! Quite a while ago I was considering trying out that bead board wallpaper in our laundry room but I chickened out. Mostly because I have never hung wallpaper. And that while it looked good in all the blogs, I was afraid it would look fake in our house for some reason.:-)

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