Mismatched Bedside Tables

Bedside tables definitely don’t need to match, in fact, I love when they don’t. It gives a room more style and makes it look less like a catalog. We have mismatched tables in our bedroom, both I’ve moved from place to place for years and used in various different ways.




I used the same lamp on each table to make them feel somewhat symmetrical. Here are a few great examples of mismatched bedside tables, and some tips for pulling off this look.


Getting the Look

While I don’t like decorating rules, I do think there are a few things to take into consideration when using mismatched bedside tables.

Color– Consider using tables of the same color (or paint them the same color) to unify them.

Size– The tables don’t have to be the same size, but try balancing them with accessories to make them appear to take up the same amount of space.

Height– Same as above, they don’t have to be the same height but try to achieve an overall balanced look with accessories.

Lighting– Lamps are one great way to unify the two tables. Using the same or similar lamp will give you a balanced look. If you’re using the same lamp on each table and you have a height difference between the two tables, try propping up one of the lamps on a decorative box or stack of books so they look even.


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  1. When moving into our new home, I starting experimenting with mixing wood tones and keeping things not matchy-matchy. I think a collected over time look is much more interesting! Great post 🙂

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