Twin Life Lately

Things have been busy at the Lively household with two newborns joining our family. They’re almost a month old (gulp! *tears*) and adjusting really well, better than I could have expected. I anticipated not being able to be home alone with them for at least a couple of months, but Charlie has gone back to work and I’m actually managing very well! I always welcome a couple of hours of help here and there (I am out numbered after all), but I’ve figured out my groove when I’m alone with them and it just works. Of course it helps that they’re the sweetest little girls on the planet!




Seriously, we’re so blessed with amazing girls. The pediatrician tells us over and over that we have such great twins. They’re both gaining weight, eating well, and actually sleeping great. We have them on a pretty strict schedule, which is absolutely necessary with twins, and they do so well. We hardly get complaints when we put them to bed and have very few wake ups, which means Charlie and I actually get some sleep (knock on wood)! The schedule makes things a little more predictable which is so helpful. Of course it hasn’t always been this way, the first night was a nightmare, but it gets better and better each day.



They’re more awake these days, so we’re able to see more of their personalities developing. Both of them are so expressive. I love just watching their little faces all day, especially as they start to interact. June is going to be our firecracker for sure. She’s the youngest (by a minute) and the smallest, but has such a big personality.


Faith is an absolute sweetheart, she’s happy to cuddle all day if you let her. I think she’s going to be one of those sweet spirited girls who is just naturally lovable.


I keep saying it over and over but I can’t believe how blessed we are. All the aches and pains during pregnancy, the months of bed rest, the delivery and recovery, sleepless nights and endless feedings are so completely worth it and then some. Just when I think I can’t possibly love them more, I do. I guess that’s parenthood!


Thanks to everyone for your prayers and kind words over the past few months. I know this site has been very pregnancy and baby heavy lately, but I don’t intend for this site to become a baby/mom blog. I have many readers, friends, and family who like to be updated on life at home, so I will continue have a few updates like this here and there.

I plan to have more design related posts in the very near future. I have a few little projects around the house that I’ve put on hold while I was pregnant, so I plan to share those soon as well as other design ideas I’ve been pondering. So stay tuned!

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