They’re Here!

Introducing our sweet girls!



They were born Monday, December 22nd and we are all SO thrilled to have two perfectly healthy, happy babies! June (on the left above) was 5lbs 9oz and 19 inches. Faith (on the right) was 5lb 13oz and 18.25 inches.

Sorry for the late intro, but we’ve been busy “staring holes in these girls” as one of our nurses put it! Seriously, we’re so in love with them and we’ve just been taking it all in. It’s so much fun to see their little personalities develop each day. And then as soon as we think we have them figured out, they switch. It’s going to be a fun life with these little ones!






We had a pretty hard time telling them apart at first, which we expected knowing that they are identical. There’s no question now, but we did leave their hospital bands on for a few days after coming home and we painted one of Faith’s toe nails…just in case.

We love being parents, it’s like Christmas morning every morning knowing that these sweet girls are ours! Charlie is the most amazing dad ever, seriously. I don’t know of many dads that do as much as he does for Faith, June, and me. We are so lucky to have him.





Things will be a little slow on the blog in the near future while I love on these little ladies now ruling our house. As you can imagine twins are a lot of workso I’ll be focusing on getting them adjusted (and trying to catch a nap whenever possible) for the next couple of months.

I wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to wonderful things for 2015!

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