Still Pregnant…

That’s my text message every morning to my mom… she has this fear that I’ll go into labor without calling her. If you told me 2 months ago that I’d be 37 weeks- FULL TERM with twins, I wouldn’t believe you. With pre-term labor scares, bed rest, and the many doctor appointments to monitor me, I thought for sure the girls would come much earlier than this, but I’m thrilled we’ve made it this far!

photo (46)

The girls are still doing great, both measuring over 6lbs at my ultrasound last week. We have one more ultrasound and doctors appointment tomorrow before my delivery, which is scheduled for next week.

We are so ready and officially in waiting mode. I’m technically not on bed rest anymore, in fact my doctor said she’d like me to “walk around a bit to build stamina”. Ha, you should have seen the look I gave her. Walk around?? I’m carrying over 12lbs of baby in me, just getting in a somewhat comfortable position is a huge accomplishment! 

I wanted to thank ya’ll so much for your kind words, prayers, and support during this exciting time in our lives. I look forward to introducing our sweet girls very soon!


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  1. You and Charlie have earned expectant parents of the year award for taking such good care of your babies and each other! So excited!

  2. Congrats in hitting 37 week mark!!! You look great. Wishing you all the best…! You will get to meet them so soon 👶👶💕

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