DIY Nursery Mobile

Charlie and my mom have been amazing helping out with the nursery while I’m on bed rest. One thing I COULD do was make mobiles for over their cribs. I didn’t want anything too fancy, but something girly with some natural elements. I’m not the craftiest person ever, but after seeing all of the handmade mobiles out there, I figured it couldn’t be too hard to pull off for cheaper than buying, especially since we’re talking about two.

nursery 4 copy

They didn’t require many materials at all, some I actually had on hand:

Manzanita branches (you may be able to find them at a craft store, but I ordered them from here)

Card stock

Clear Glue

Scissors to cut shapes or a craft puncher like I used

Clear string (I used fishing line we had on hand)

Eye hooks for hanging

photo 1 (33)

It’s a pretty tedious project, but not hard at all (a perfect project while sitting around watching mindless TV). I started by cutting out a bunch of little hearts using a craft puncher I had. I used 4 different card stock colors. I then cut several strings of fishing line; I didn’t worry too much about the length of the strings considering they’d be hanging at different heights on the branches. I wanted them to vary anyway.

Then came the time consuming part: gluing the hearts. I glued two hearts together (mixing up different card stock colors) with the line between them. I hung about 3-4 hearts per line depending on the line length. I used clear tacky glue, but I’m sure any clear, quick drying glue would work great. I probably wouldn’t use hot glue though because it can get messy and painful working with so many pieces! I just wanted to be sure to use a strong glue so little pieces don’t fall off.

After all of the hearts dried, I propped up the branch and tied the lines randomly on the individual branches.

photo 2 (31)

I also dabbed the knot with a touch of clear glue and left them hanging to dry for a while, just to be sure they don’t come untied and fall on the babies. I tied two additional lines from the top to hang from the ceiling and glued those knots as well. I just eyeballed at what points to tie the two strings on the branches where they would hang evenly from the ceiling. Charlie then screwed in little eye hooks into the ceiling, 2 per mobile, and hung the branches while I did my usual hovering (“lower, higher, nope, a little to the left, PERFECT!”).

nursery 6 copy

We love how they turned out! My in-laws said they’re a perfect combination of me and Charlie. I assume the branches and fishing line representing Charlie and the sparkly, pink hearts being my contribution 🙂

We’ve added a few other things to the nursery as well. At this point in my pregnancy, I’m allowed very limited, chauffeured trips out of the house….so you better believe one of those trips had to be HomeGoods! I found a great basket there for the girls’ stuffed animals and toys. I thought the gold went well with the gold hearts on the mobiles.

photo (45)

My mom also got us white bed skirts for the cribs which finished off the room perfectly. They also give us another place to store things, a MUST in a small house like ours!

As I mentioned before, I do want to hang a few more things on the walls with their names; but since we’re keeping them a secret until their birth, I’ll add those down the road. For now, the nursery is ready for our girls!

For more nursery pictures, visit my post here.

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