White Appliances: Are They Back?

I remember when everyone HAD to have stainless steel and granite counter tops in their kitchen. In fact, when I redid my kitchen, that’s exactly the route I went. Lately I’m noticing that trend change. Granite is being replaced with lighter, more uniform colored, quartz and marble; and I’m seeing many more white appliances instead of the once desired stainless steel.

I especially like white appliances with white cabinets. It gives the kitchen a crisp, clean look; and it makes the room look bigger without the stainless steel breaking it up.

White appliances












Like every trend, they have their cycles (you know you’re getting older when you remember a trend the first time and second time around…hello 80’s neon accessories and leggings!) While I’m not daring enough to jump on the fashion trends very quickly, I love seeing home decor trends develop and see where they go. It will be interesting to see if everyone will be soon ripping out their stainless steel appliances and replacing them with white ones.

What are your thoughts on white appliances?


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  1. Kelley, I’m excited to hear that white appliances are a trend since I just bought a white refrigerator that I love (and will hopefully be able to get the matching oven and dishwasher before they go out of style :-)). I love reading your posts (both decorating and baby related). Lots of love and best wishes being sent your way for a safe and healthy delivery of those two little angels you’re carrying!!

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