Two Peas in a Pod Twins Baby Shower

My mom threw an amazing baby shower for the twins in September, and I’m so glad we had it early because I was put on bed rest just a few weeks later! I’m just now getting around to going through all of the pictures and thought I’d share a few with ya’ll. I’m seriously blown away with everything my mom and my family did to put together such a wonderful day. These girls are loved, let me tell you!

2014-9-20LivelyShower 023

2014-9-20LivelyShower 019 updated 2014-9-20LivelyShower 027 2014-9-20LivelyShower 026

2014-9-20LivelyShower 014 updated 2014-9-20LivelyShower 015 updated 2014-9-20LivelyShower 017 updated 2014-9-20LivelyShower 021

2014-9-20LivelyShower 041 2014-9-20LivelyShower 042 2014-9-20LivelyShower 032 2014-9-20LivelyShower 033 2014-9-20LivelyShower 038 2014-9-20LivelyShower 053 2014-9-20LivelyShower 069 2014-9-20LivelyShower 074 2014-9-20LivelyShower 133 2014-9-20LivelyShower 146 2014-9-20LivelyShower 150 2014-9-20LivelyShower 163 updated 2014-9-20LivelyShower 050 2014-9-20LivelyShower 091 updated 2014-9-20LivelyShower 089 updated

It was such an amazing celebration for our girls! Thank you to all of my family and friends for coming and all of the generous gifts! Also, thank you to our sweet family friend, Nikii, for taking photos of the special day!


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