Decking Our Halls

I have been chomping at the bit to decorate for Christmas this year. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it will be our girls’ first Christmas, the nesting instinct, or just fear that I’ll miss the opportunity to decorate because they’ll be here any day!

We did wait until the day after Thanksgiving to get our tree. I love getting a live tree (if it was artificial, I can’t guarantee I would have waited until after Thanksgiving). We would like to one day cut down our own, but we couldn’t imagine my overly pregnant self waddling around a huge Christmas tree farm. So we went to the same nursery we went to last year and got a perfect one for our space limited house.

photo 1 (30)

We decorated it with simple white lights and gold, silver and clear ornaments.

photo 2 (29)

I usually save the branches that were cut off to use throughout the house. The nursery we went to has piles of them for grabbing, but we just used the few that came off of our tree.

photo 2 (30)

photo 3 (19)

photo 1 (32)

I’m not able to go overboard on Christmas decorations seeing as my minutes on my feet are limited, but every little bit helps get me in the mood for my favorite time of year!

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