Client Project: City Loft Bedroom

Last week I shared part of a client project I did for a downtown loft. For details on the main living space design, check out this post. Today I’m sharing the bedroom design which ties in with the living area. It’s a separate room (often not the case in lofts) but I wanted to ensure the entire space flowed well together. I took key elements and colors from the main living space, such as wood and metal accents, as well as black, white and grey, and repeated them in the bedroom to make the two spaces feel cohesive, but not too matchy matchy.

City Loft- Bedroom Design

We played with the layout a bit before settling on the design. Initially, the bed was on the adjacent wall, opposite the door, but my client has windows above the room and wanted to be able to see out of them from the bed so we switched it up. This left us the ability to do something interesting on the far wall since it’s the first thing you see when walking into the room.

CityLoft_Bedroom Layout


He already had the bed, 3 drawer dresser, and one nightstand– all from CB2. I suggested purchasing a second matching nightstand to even out the room.

One of the walls in the bedroom is partially shared with the main living space, so I brought in the same paint color (Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore) for all 4 walls in the bedroom. The room gets a ton of light from overhead windows, so going dark in this room was a no brainer. Plus I love the sophistication dark walls bring to a bedroom.

I balanced out the dark paint with white bedding from Crate and Barrel.


 Blanca Quilts


Belo Grey Sheets

For the end of the bed, I added a grey duvet cover, also from Crate and Barrel, to break up the white. I also think it goes well with the grey trim of the sheets.


For color and pattern, I added a few decorative pillows on the bed.


Buckley Maize Pillow


Fala Plaid Pillow

To add texture and a little coziness when getting out of bed, I included a white shag rug to go over the beige carpet already in the room




Over the bed, I chose this print from West Elm. It’s just basic black and white so it doesn’t overwhelm the room, but it will also be a great piece down the road when he moves from this rental because it’s very versatile.


Also over the bed, I’ve included two wall sconces from Crate and Barrel. I love accordion wall sconces and they’re great for small spaces where you don’t have a ton of room on bedside tables for lamps. These plug into a wall outlet so no hard wiring required, also great for rentals.


I think every bedroom needs a chair, whether it’s just a statement piece, a place to throw laundry, put on shoes, or a little reading nook. In this case, I added a yellow chair in the corner to fit all of those purposes. This one is from Urban Outfitters, and I love the modern shape and color. It comes in several other colors as well.



On the far wall, I added long rustic shelves to display my clients stacks of books. It also provides a focal point for the room when you walk in. I suggested adding succulent plants scattered throughout the shelves, similar to the living room.

I love that this room design is trendy, but uses simple pieces that can be used in another home easily. For more tips on decorating rentals, visit my post here.

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