Nursery Updates

Well I don’t have finished nursery pictures, sorry! We do have a lot of progress since the last time I showed you pictures of our nursery, and I have a great story to share.

Our nursery has come a long way since it was a part laundry room. Last time I shared an update, we still needed to do something with our peeling textured ceiling and finish painting. Our contractor installed a thin layer of drywall over the ceiling and Charlie finished painting. We’ve also hung the bamboo shades and my mom has finished the curtains that will be hung soon

photo 1 (20)

photo 2 (20)

There’s also a whole lotta pink in that room thanks to my baby shower and generous family and friends! There’s still finishing touches and organizing/decluttering that need to be done and of course hanging things on the walls, but it will all come in time. Whats important is that we now have a safe room for our girls and a place for them to sleep! Speaking of which, here comes the story…

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already have seen, but we got two free cribs. Two free, really nice, matching, brand new cribs! Charlie and I had already made the trek to Ikea and purchased two white cribs at a bargain, $99/each, and mattresses, but hadn’t set them up because the room was still under construction. Meanwhile, on a random Saturday, Charlie was on his way home from the hardware store and happened to drive behind a shopping center, a way he had never been before. He spotted two matching cribs that had just been put out by a dumpster behind Burlington Coat Factory. He took pictures and rushed home to show me, and then rummaged for our Ikea receipt (which of course I kept knowing that there can always be something wrong or missing from an Ikea box). He called Burlington and found out they were display cribs that were being discontinued (but not recalled) so they were just throwing them out, and yes we could take them! So we jumped in the truck and headed back up there to load them up, right before the rain was about to come in.

photo (40)

So yes I had my mind set on white cribs, but now that they’re in the room, I love the dark contrast. And these cribs are much better quality than the original Ikea cribs. They retail from $230-$300!

Not only was Charlie in the right place at the right time, it was perfect timing for God to let us know he’s taking care of us. Of course we were excited to find something that we needed for free, but we were more excited for the sign He showed us that day.



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