Our New Glider

Our nursery is much more spacious after the renovation but there’s still only room for two cribs and a dresser. I’d love to be able to have a nursery glider in there to rock our girls to sleep, but we decided to put it in our living room because of space. In reality, our living room is only a few steps away so it’s not a big deal. And, our old chair that we had in our living room took up way too much space. So we got rid of that and my sweet Aunts and Uncles gave us a new glider!



 Kacy Preston Glider

I really like the clean lines and neutral color, it will last us for years. It’s also super comfortable and supportive, now that our cushy sofa is hurting my back. (This whole pregnancy back pain is no joke!) I love how this corner of the room came together as a comfortable reading nook. I can see our girls piling on top of me (or Charlie) here for bedtime stories!

Speaking of the girls, we had a great check up this week. The big concern with identical twins is twin to twin transfusion- where one gets more nutrients than the other and they grow at different paces. They’re both growing steady and strong at 24 weeks and weigh exactly the same, down to the ounce. Going in every two weeks isn’t so bad when you get great news like that!

I’m looking forward to some quality time with friends and family this weekend at my baby shower. Hope ya’ll have a great weekend!

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  1. I love this glider. I spotted it at babies r us but they only have it in the color “cargo pumice”. Is that the same as your color or did you manage to get something different?

  2. I’m looking into a new glider and stumbled onto your blog. Do you still love this glider?

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