1 Year Anniversary

This past weekend, Charlie and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary, and it was a much needed getaway for the two of us. With Charlie’s recent job change, endless work around the house, family coming into town, and my ever growing belly/pregnancy woes, it was time for us to have a mini-vacation.

We headed to the mountains, our favorite kind of getaway, and explored some new places as well as revisited some favorites. It was odd going to the mountains without a hiking trail in mind, but we did get to take in some great scenery.

Anniversary2 Anniversary3

And one year ago…

10101254953594887L (027) L (103)  101012549513094671010125495395915710101254955540987L (225)10101254956010047101012549581557471010125495855494710101254957037987101012549592086371010125497140419710101254972986027 L (541)

L (726)

 All photos by Courtney Vogel

The best year of our lives…so far. Can’t wait for the many more to come!

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  1. So happy you two got away- your wedding pictures remind me of your beautiful and perfect union that took place last Sept. 7th! Continued blessings to come!😍

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