Nursery Fabric Decisions

Thank you everyone for your feedback on the fabric for the girls’ nursery curtains! My favorite, as well as readers favorite was #9 from Carousel Designs.


Unfortunately when I got the swatch in, it was much MUCH brighter than I thought it would be (that’s why you should always order a swatch!). The colors are muted online but they will be way too loud for our house. We have subtle blues, grays, and neutrals throughout and I’d like to continue that in the nursery as well, but make it a little girlier.

I do love the idea of a blue background instead of white; and as one reader pointed out, blue is kind of unexpected in a girls nursery. So I took another fabric shopping trip to our local Joann’s Fabric and found a few more I liked. I ended up taking home a swatch of this one.


I love the gold tones and cute polka dots, I was thinking of incorporating them somewhere in the nursery, so this works out perfect. What’s also perfect is that it was on sale for $7.79/yd! Decision made!

We’re also going to add white pompoms like these to the inside trim to make it feel more like a little girls room.


I really like the look of layering window treatments. Not only does it give you different lighting options, it just makes a room feel more complete. I’m thinking about bamboo shades to block out light for nap time as well as to add in some natural texture.

Twins nursery windows

What do ya’ll think? I’m putting together a design board for the rest of the room which I’ll be sharing soon!

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