Decorating a Fireplace Mantel

Unfortunately we don’t have a fireplace, or a mantel.”Next house” as my husband and I say. But those of you who do, I hope you’re taking full advantage of the styling opportunities! With fall and Christmas coming, it’s a perfect time to be on the look out for seasonal decor for your home. I did a Christmas mantel post here for ideas.

The key to decorating a mantel, shelves, a table, dresser, etc. is to vary and layer. Start with large items, vary their position and size, then layer in smaller items. Be sure to vary colors and textures too, while still keeping the overall theme of your home in mind. Mix shiny glass objects with woven baskets or natural plants.







For inspiration I popped into Pier 1 Imports (you all know that place is impossible to stay out of this time of year!) Here are a few items to look for:

Focal Item

Start with this, something larger to catch your eye. Great ideas for this is a piece of art or a mirror.

photo 3 (7) photo 2 (12)

photo 1 (14)


Tall objects

Next add tall objects: vases, bowls, lanterns, sculptures, etc. It’s great to mix different textures and heights.

photo 1 (13) photo 2 (13)

photo 5 (1)

Filler/Small Objects

Last add smaller objects: frames, collectibles, as well as natural items like branches and plants. The key here is balance. Don’t go too overboard or it will look cluttered.

photo 4 (2) photo 4 (3) photo 2 (14) photo 3 (9)

The #1 rule for styling anything is that there is no rule: just PLAY with it! Once you place something, step back and look at it, move it or don’t. Just go with your instincts. I recently unpacked my decorative items to restyle my living room shelves and moved probably every item on the shelves before they found their final resting place. And then I came back the next day and rearranged a little more just because. Have fun with it and don’t over think it!

Other great sources for decorative items are Target, Homegoods, and of course you can always score unique finds at thrift stores.

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