Nursery Fabrics + Thoughts

I’m knee deep in the girls’ nursery design and kind of having a blast. There are so many cute girly things out there! We’ve painted the walls Benjamin Moore White Dove (same as our bedroom), so it’s a perfect blank canvas now. I can’t even begin to tell you how much bigger it feels in there without the ugly closet. Now we can finally fit two cribs in there, but there’s still really only room for the cribs and a dresser that will also be a changing table.

photo (36)

Oh hi cribs…I can’t wait to set you up! Who am I kidding, more like Charlie will be setting you up and I will be hovering telling him where to place you, per the usual. 🙂

I’m not a huge fan of the standard “nursery pink” but I think our girls’ nursery has to have some shade of pink. And to make it even girlier, I’m looking at floral patterns, I mean why not? I’ve been browsing fabrics as a jumping off point for the design and I’m planning on using something colorful and floral for the drapes. There aren’t many other places for patterned fabrics besides the cribs and I can’t bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars on designer crib bedding when A) they’ll only use the sheet and B) their nice sheets will probably be in the washer half the time so I’ll need extras which equals more money. So drapes it is, and mom has agreed to make them, I really had to twist her arm to make custom drapes for her first granddaughters’ nursery. She was just a little excited to hear we were having girls. 😉

I’m looking at fabrics that will be able to grow with them so more traditional patterns are catching my eye. I’d also like to make them more “little girl-like” by adding pom poms on the edges like these:


So I’ve started my search…

photo 1 (9)

I seriously could spend all day in a home decor fabric store…it’s my happy place!

Here are some that I saw at a few local fabric stores…


And a few online that caught my eye…

Online Fabrics

Cost is obviously a factor and some of these are out of our price range unless I can find them on sale. Which is your favorite? I originally thought I’d like a white background but 1, 7 and 9 are pulling me in. I also love #6 as well. I’ve ordered a few online swatches that should be here this week so I can narrow down my choices.

I’ve started a board on Pinterest so you can see what I’m thinking for the overall design. Once I figure out which fabric to use, it will all come together!

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    1. So pretty! I love the black and white! 9 is actually my fav too but the swatch came in and the blue is much MUCH brighter than online. I think it’s a bit louder than I wanted. I did find another with a blue background that I’m leaning toward. So many choices!

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